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BT to increase private customer charges by 5%


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Another price hike as if we havent gone through enough! Petrol Cigarettes Gas Electricity VAT Etc..the list is getting bigger this country is becoming unbearablely hard to live in..

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I must declare an interest here - I am a BT shareholder.

My dividend (last quarterly cheque was for £4.25, before tax!) is part of my retirement income, which, like everybody else's, is being severely squeezed.

BT would not have to increase domestic prices by so much if it was allowed to charge more for the facilities which it has to share with other ISPs like Sky and Orange.

Unfortunately these charges are strictly controlled by OFCOM, domestic prices aren't (well, they are, but domestic users don't have the protesting muscle of the likes of Sky and Orange).

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Despite these price increases, as a BT shareholder like morddwyd my dividend payments from this company have more than halved since 2008.

I use share dividends to live off so suffer a double whammy when my income declines and at the same time prices increase. The result is that I have to spend less, which when multiplied by thousands of others in a similar financial position damages those businesses reliant on consumer spending.

These businesses in turn are likely to cut back on their dividend payments to shareholders as well as making some staff redundant and freezing the wages of others. It's a vicious circle with no end in sight.

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You have to accept we live in a Throw away society, this is created and run by capitalism. i.e Advertisers and lenders, if you so the things that are thrown away at a Dump near me you would not believe it, you could set up a shop and make a good living. I are waiting on me for to fill there pockets they will be waiting a long time as I make things last as long as I can before they are thrown. Mostly Car though I can go buy a new one without dept if the need arose.

I use a Credit Card but its only for my Convenience, its payed at the end of the month when the bill comes, I have always said if you have to start looking at can I afford it, the answer as to be NO. Thus I have no Dept. But they do not make much out of my sort, latest one out is these lenders sharks on TV charging vast amounts of interest on a few quid for very short term loan's poor idiots that go to them have no thought as to the pay back day. And it does not get rid of their problem's it just makes them worse. A bit like going to a Pub to try to drink problems away, and all he does is next morning as a Hang over and less money and the problem still exists. Wisdom and application of it is how to cope with these

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