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We've Not Been Burgled!


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Peculiar title for a thread, I know, but I've just come back from a day's shopping, 10.00 'til 3.00 and found the front door just as I had left it, wide open to the world, clearly visible from the street less than five metres away (as seen on Goggle Earth), and found everything in order!

Needless to say I do not live in Greater London or some other inner city area.

The most comprehensive insurance in the world is not likely to be very sympathetic to a claim in such circumstances!

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Hmm, no such luck for me when on holiday in Italy many many years ago - unaccustomed to long distance driving and going from Northern Germany to Italy via Switzerland, over what was then the Gothard Pass, I had not realised that driving over the tops of mountains caused the water in rad to evaporate quicker than normal. Subsequently, engine seized about four miles from our destination, and at nearly midnight, decided to leave car in small lay-by on main road securely locked, (or so I thought). Wife, two little ones and myself piled into friends car (two families we were travelling together) to continue to hotel. Came back next morning with water for rad, my car had been cleaned out totally - several suitcases, camera and loads of film all gone. On approaching my car, I had commented to my friend 'at least the car is still here' little realising!

Holiday ruined, local police were useless and not interested as it was a regular event for them. Remained in Italy for a few days and then back home, feeling pretty sorry for ourselves, especially for the kids!

Have never been back to Italy since.

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Unfortunately many of the shop keepers will not be insured because most insurance policies specifically exclude riots & civil unrest, you can choose to take this option but it adds considerably to a policy, and is 99 years out of 100 unnecessary.

Likewise stock is often not insured, because it's simply too expensive to insure in most areas...

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