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In the wrong queue? No mony for parking meter?


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tes we have all been there at some yime - though now I find it expedient to keep a bag of coins in the car, And as the wrong queue on Bank /Supermarket and so on- been there too.

How is this for a combination of both.?

My daughter visiting me in Kent from Hertfordshire yesterday arrived an hour adrift. Why? - because the driver of the car in front of her at the Dartford crossing found him/herself at the toll with out any MONEY.

She and two other cars behind her too tight up to divert to other toll points.

What made it worse the matter was dealt with at the toll both- instead of escorting the driver through the barrier to the side to be dealt with.

I blame the French for this - We blame them for many things- but this is appropriate I feel- it is a A French Organization the operates the crossing.

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Sorry, I didn't realise that some places still charge motorcyclists.

They must be slow (in the mental sense)down south.

The solution, tried and tested in various parts of the world, is for three or four hundred motorcyclists to have a ride out one day, perhaps on a nice hot summer time bank holiday.

As each one gets to the toll it's as QB says, with amendments for temperature - arrive at paybooth, pillion unfolds him/her self, 2 minutes to straighten up, 2 more minutes to straighten hair if female (not sexist, simple immutable law of nature), 10 zips to open, coins dance around in still vibrating hands, 3 minutes picking coins up from ground with fingers suffering badly from Vibration White Finger,, pay toll, 10 zips to close back up, only 1 minute to ease back onto bike, wait for pillion to get him/herself comfortable, ride on....

If a Classic run every fourth or fifth person may inadvertently stall bike, and have to kick start it. With many classics you can't, of course, kick start with a pillion on board, etc etc.

Doesn't take too many of these get togethers to get tolls abolished for motorcycles.

As I said, tried and tested!

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