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Many BT Products gathering dust


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I mentioned this in another post a few days ago and would appreciate some advice. I had signed up for BT Broadband & BT Vision some months ago and after waiting several weeks all the equipment arrived but the engineer did not on the appointed day. I was persuaded to stay in for a second day during which the BT engineer did arrive but found that BT still hadn't hadn't switched on the line. I was then told that I needed to wait a further 2 weeks for my line to be switched over. After this I told them to go away as their excuses were abyssmal to say the least. I cancelled everything. Days later I received an e-mail from an address which you cannot reply to asking me to send back the equipment in the bag sent to me. As no bag had been sent I wrote to BT with no response. I have since tried ringing BT and also written many times to the CEO's Office in London and the Chairman's Office still with no response. I then told them that I was going to charge them £2 a day storage charge hoping this would stir them up but still no response after months. I still Have the BT Vision Machine, the BT Home Hub 3 and a pair of BT Vision Powerline Adapters all brand spanking new and still in their boxes. They must be worth at least a couple of hundred pounds.

What is the legal position with regard to these goods which they seem incapable of picking up despite me now charging them for storage? Must I just continue to keep them as I have written at least 7 letters without any response.

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I look at this the same way as lost property, so after 6 months you should be free to keep them.

The Home Hub 3 is quite a good router, so may fetch a bob or two online. The powerline adapters are useful if you have an Xbox or PS3 you want to use online

The BT Vision box is not that great, you might get £50 for it on ebay

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To be honest....BT, Virgin et al don't care about this kit at all. It cost's them more money to process / collect than it's worth to these companies.

Most Hubs /TV kit is "Line Locked"n as soon as it's activated. I guess you could sell it to someone who is with BT, but each bit of kit has a unique identifier, and won't be of much use to anyone else.

Stripped down into components on the other hand then some money might change hands but I doubt it.

I alway's keep the kit that ISP's send, but never use it....I have cupboards full of the stuff. They won't collect it and I won't return it at my expense .

VM installed my new BB last week, but the router is garbage, So, I will be taking delivery of a new Draytek tomorrow, disable the wifi side of things in the so called "Super Hub" and build my network from there.

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