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Electric shower -impared flow.


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Is the the right place for this? Perhaps we could have a DIY- General page to Ask if we here have resolved a problem - saves a lot of Googling.

Any way here goes - my daughter reported that her Electric shower has diminished flow which I deduced a coked boiler/heater. How does one clean it? I did say introduce a de-scale solution - but how? Any one done it?

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I suffered this problem a few weeks ago. But I could detect the faint sound of running water if I put my ear to one of my cold water pipes even though I had no appliances on, it turned out to be a burst pipe at one of my neighbour’s properties and they were away for a few days. Once they returned and fixed the pipe my pressure was back up.

It might be worth checking for local leakages before calling in the plumber.

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Magnetic scale inhibitors do work, although nobody is quite sure why. An inhibitor that works really well in one house might be less effective in another.

You have nothing to lose by trying one.

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You dont say how old it is, these things dont last forever, perhaps its time to renew.

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Shower units have there own boiler system its a heatexchanger as in a PC but Water, In hard water area the exchanger gets furred up with lime this will burn out the heater element as it is getting hotter than it should. Fit a Magnet type scaler to you mains input near to the stop cock. Some Exchanger Units can be Cleaned but it would be cheaper and more effective to fit a new one and protect it as above

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With an electric shower, the flow rate determines the temperature.

If the flow rate has reduced, the temperature must have risen, given the same incoming water temperature and electricity input.

At this time of year, the incoming water temperature is higher than in winter and the flow rate from an electric shower is normally much improved.

The heating often comprises two discrete elements.........it may be that one of them has failed, reducing the electricity input. The flow then has to be reduced by the user to achieve the same output temperature.

Sadly, in general plumbers know as much about electricity as electricians know about plumbing.

The major shower manufacturers have their own service engineers who will be clued up on both disciplines and carry spares for their products.

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Chances are it's just a blocked shower head, even in soft water areas they get gunged up.

They usually come with a tool to unscrew the spray plate - if you don't have one a pair of dividers is a good substitute, open them up, insert the points into opposing holes and unscrew the plate. Clean the back of the spray plate with a toothbrush and replace.

Alternatively, get a new head from B&Q, they are interchangable and just unscrew from the hose. The ones with the little rubber nozzles are supposedly self cleaning.

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