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Queuing for petrol

Colonel Graham

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As I entered Morrisons filling station, there was only one car waiting for a pump to become available. That soon moved off, but then a car came past me and went into a bay that was just becoming free. As it was a double bay I pulled in behind him.

I said 'Why don't you take your turn instead of pushing in'? He responded that it was not a queue, I was making it a queue.

He was an oldish guy, I got the impression this was an obsession of his. Well, he lingered in the shop, so as I had paid at the pump, I had to back-up and manouvre round his car. He chose that moment to come out and walked across my path. I gave him a blast on my very loud warning device, which made him jump. Some people!

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What he did was fair enough, there are no official "queues" on forecourts, you may have been trying to make one but it doesn't work like that. People often wait for a particular pump, if another becomes free in another lane then someone driving in is quite entitled to go for it. What do you want them to do, wait at the entrance while you re manoeuvre?

Sounds like you're stress levels are too high for driving!

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Forum Editor

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I find it rather worrying that some people can get so agitated over a minor thing like this.

There are no queues at filling stations, if you see a vacant pump you can drive to it. If someone is already waiting for it, then you wait behind - it's pretty simple.

I don't see what being "an oldish guy" has to do with it, and neither do I understand why anyone would want to give anyone "a blast on my very loud warning device" over such a trivial matter.

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I often find that there is an empty place because some people don't realise that the length of the hose will reach across to the far side of the vehicle. They are waiting for one where the hose is on the same side as their filling hole? It is just a matter of placing your vehicle so that the hose takes the nearest route. I've jumped many a queue of cars doing just that. It is easy to hold the hose clear of your beloved vehicle so that it doesn't get scratched or scraped.

What causes a lot of confusion and re queueing is when you reach your chosen pump only to find it has a little sticker on it telling you it is out of order. That usually happens when you have moved to the front pump so that someone else can get to the one behind you. So you have to drive around again. By the time you do of course the queue is even longer. I find the pay at the pump systems are easy to use and prefer them to having to wait in another queue inside the shop to pay. People in front are usually stocking up with fags and sweets as well as paying for their five pounds worth of petrol.

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