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ebay why ? are you killing uk sellers ???????


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hi hope you are good ?? why are ebay killing the uk sellers ???

ten years on ebay and all good but it going mental look at this :-


can anyone here help ??? please read the feeds from ebay how can they charge for nothing !

never seen the folks go mental on ebay before ?? please remember i pay ebay £250 apx a month i feel robbed out of pocket ???

thanks ebay !!!

please reply !! thanks

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Ian in Northampton

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I forget when I did my first eBay transaction, but it was at least 10 years ago. It was a PC. Since then, I've done about 500 - 99.9% of them purchases. Back then, it was a very different animal. IIRC, it was almost all auctions, all private sellers. It had a real community feel to it. Like the early adopters of Google, you felt like you were part of a special club that almost no-one else knew about. So, yes, eBay has changed substantially - as indeed has Google. As wee eddie points out - both have become highly profit-oriented businesses. In some ways, eBay has got worse - but, on the other hand, I can now buy almost anything I can think of from the site (I reached a new low when I couldn't be bothered to go into town to buy shoelaces, so I had some eBay seller ship me some through the post... :-( ) I've always found eBay and PayPal very, very supportive - but then, I'm pretty much only a buyer. I wondered what was going on when PayPal started to implement the 'deferred payment' a little while back: for me, that was a step too far in favour of buyers, and a regressive step for sellers. If that's representative of what eBay are doing to sellers in an effort to build buyer confidence, then sellers have my sympathy.

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Chronos the 2nd

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It has lost it's community spirit, but absolutely nothing wrong with making a profit but as with everything else the more more these people make the more they want.

I am predominantly a buyer now as it is just not worth it to sell the odd item on Ebay, factor in all the fees and the postage it really is not worth it.

I am fortunate that another forum I use has a marketplace section where we buy and sell our unwanted computer parts. I picked up an 8 week old Evga 660 for an absolute song the other day and no fees. But cameras and even the occasional bike part appears now and then,great forum.

But getting a small packet of screws or a cheap case for a tablet that sort of thing Ebay is still king.

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