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Port Forward & Two routers


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Hi. Here's my scenario:

There is a Gigaset SE681 WiMax router providing the internet connection. The IP address of this router is I can't log into it as I don't have the password and the owner doesn't know it either. (I am helping someone in Pakistan with this setup).

Next, there is a Tenda Wireless router setup with DHCP Internet connection type. There are 2 devices connected to this: a computer to which I am connected (remote desktop) and a cctv dvr. I need to setup the dvr to be accessible remotely but I think the issue is having the two routers (the port forwarding does nothing).

WAN IP address of Tenda router: IP Adress of Tenda Router: LAN IP address of CCTV DVR (also reserved):

Port forwarding rules for dvr are setup on the Tenda router but I can't remotely connect to it (I believe it's because the WAN IP of the Tenda is an internal IP address. This means the Gigaset WiMax modem/router has DHCP turned on as well?)

I also have DDNS service setup in both the Tenda and the dvr itself. When I do the test on the dvr setup screen it comes back as successfully connected to the DDNS service (dyndns).

DVR Settings: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Gateway: DNS: (I also tried

I found some default password suggestions (aDm1n and W1m@xm0deM) for the Gigaset router online but none of them worked. For some reason the ISP in Pakistan does not want to release the password.

If I could get into the Gigaset WiMax router I would have no problems as I could either setup DMZ with the Tenda' ip address, use the Gigaset router capabilities or put the Gigaset in modem only mode with the Tenda doing the routing.

Are there any other options I have, given the above mentioned setup/scenario? Any input on this would/will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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You are right only one of the routers should have DHCP enabled.

The ISP won't know the router password especially as it appears to been changed from the default.

There will be a reset button, or small hole, on the Gigaset which will reset it to the default settings. If I read your post correctly this is the router actually giving you the connection to the whole remote set up? So if you reset you will loose connection.

Also the routers appear to be on different ranges - third number - ip address one is 5 the other is 0 - need to be the same.

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