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Why is my NAS so slow over wireless?


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Hi All,

I am a customer of Sky Broadband and I use their standard wireless router that I received from them. Connected to this I have my 2009 Macbook Pro and 2 Windows Laptops plus multiple wireless devices such as iPhones, Android Phones, iPads etc... All of which access the internet at very good speeds.

Also connected to this is a 'Synology' 'DS212J' NAS drive.

Here's the kicker... I can get upwards of 1.3Mbps on a download from my Macbook Pro to the outside Internet. But when trying to access files from the attached 'Synology' Drive It's painfully slow. To transfer a 30MB Raw file takes about 15 minutes. Whenever I wish to transfer large data files round I usually have to wire connect my macbook to the router and then it picks up dramatically. (I'm good with computers and macs in general, I've worked as a 1st line support IT guy and deal with all the computer queries and networking support at my design agency but this has really stumped me!)

What I don't understand though. Is, if the 'Synology' drive is attached to the router via a wired connection it should perform the same as when connecting to the outside internet? The question is... How comes I can download a 1.2GB file from a service such as wetransfer.com in about 10 minutes. But to do the same within my own network it takes HOURS.

The setup currently is the Sky Home Router. Synology is connected via a network cable to the back. And the laptops are connected via wireless. Is there a setting or something I can change to speed things up? Would be very grateful for any kind of advice!


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"Why is my NAS so slow over wireless?"

Have you tried using a wired ethernet connection between MacBook, or Laptops, and the router and how does that perform?

The Synology NAS drive will almost certainly have a Gigabit connection and the MacBook (if fairly recent) will support 802.11n at 300Mbps. Does the Sky router support these protocols?

Also bear in mind that all wireless devices that connect to the router share the available bandwidth, unlike wired connections which will have the full speed provided by the network port. iPads will continually be using WiFi bandwidth even when not being actively used, which is why they tell you instantly that there are App updates available!

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