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Screen goes black when loading up a game


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I should write everything I know about the problem first. 2 days ago my PC started smelling like burning very faintly, I loaded a game up later that day and my PC made a loud noise. I immediately shut my PC down and waited for a bit. I loaded it up later and it was fine and the temperatures of my CPU and motherboard are fine. The next day I loaded up starcraft 2 and everything was fine until I actually started a match. When the match finished loading my screen went black, I could hear the sound in the background and after 2 minutes it came back. I shut the game down and didn't play another game that day. Today when I loaded another different game up my screen went black at the main menu and I had to turn my PC off by holding down the power button. I could not hear the game in the background this time but could hear what sounded like one sound looping constantly and very fast. I could ctrl alt delete out of the game this time though.

I have opened up my case and all the fans are working and there is no obvious problem. I removed any dust from inside the case and loaded my PC back up. I loaded up starcraft 2 again and this time I didn't even get to the main menu. As soon as the loading screen had finished my screen went orange for a few seconds and then turned black. Every few seconds the game would flash on the screen for less than a second but then it would turn black again. Every time I shut the game down through ctrl alt delete an error message appeared in my notifications area. It said display driver AMD stopped working and has recovered.

I checked I had the latest driver installed (I did) and then reinstalled it. I am now about to load up starcraft 2 again to see what happens. If anyone has any information about what the problem is I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Update: I just loaded up starcraft 2 and the screen went black immediately. After a few seconds the log in screen appeared but then the screen turned black again after another few seconds. When I used ctrl alt delete to get out I opened the task manager again but this time I saw a programm running called warnigform (the icon was the same as my AISuiteII program which is what I use to monitor my temperatures). Every time the game flashed back on the screen I heard a clicking noise coming from my PC. This happened the last time I loaded up starcraft 2 aswell but it was only 1 click, not a repeated click like this time.

My specs are: Processor: Intel core i5-2500k Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 series Operating system: Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

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I assume you are using a Desktop PC. Is everything else working or are you saying the problem only occurs with the game?

If not, check your Graphics card connections - ie: with Power OFF remove card, use a fine brush to clean the slot and then re-seat it and Reboot. Check connections from the PSU to the motherboard. If all appears to be okay it appears your Graphics card has developed a fault and needs replacing. The error message display driver AMD stopped working and has recovered gives this indication.

Also, a burning smell indicates you may have other problems.

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