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Mouse Features ?


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Hi guys,

Here’s a silly one for you. Altough this is for TV use, it equally applies to PC use.

I have just bought a cheap wireless mouse for my new toy - an android mini smart tv dongle thingy,,, (first time for me).

I'm not a gamer and I only need 3 buttons - the others get in my way. I bought this cheapo thing which just arrived - I hate it. I chose it for its design and the 'fact' that it’s a Laser (an issue I have now taken up with the seller).

As it’s for the bedroom TV, it won't get used a lot - hence cheapo price paid (false economy as usual).

1/ This thing says Laser in the listing (so it must be true,,,, right) but I have no idea what Laser is, or how to tell the difference between laser and optical & now I see Blue spot, Blue other etc. 2/ It also says 800/1600DPI switchable. Just what difference should I see between 800 & 1600 DPI ? What does DPI do, as far as meece are concerned ? (the switch on this thing maks no difference, but I put it down to the value of the item)

3/ The shape is terrible – but at least I learned something – don’t buy slim-line meeces.

4/ Main complaint: After 20 years of PC’s, I now need a bigger mat. I have to move this thing 8, 9, 10 inches to get the curser across the screen. I’m slightly disabled (not the meeces fault,,,,) but my other rodents only need to be moved within my 2, 3 inches to do the same job. With my old ones, I just rest my wrist on the edge of the mat, and it stays there. I can get all over the screen just by wiggling my hand. This new one though, I have to lift my hand and drag it across the mat edge to edge. In all my years on computers, I’ve never seen or used such an item.


My wired mouse - on the desktop machine - is a cheapo: PC-Line FL1 ‘laser’. It’s the best mouse I’ve ever used. It doesn’t show up red at the lens. It was also supposed to be 1600 DPI, which it might well be – but again, what difference should that make ?


My 3rd one is a wireless Logitech – model unknown – which came with a laptop. It is also a laser (no red light) but I have no idea of DPI. It is also as good as gold. When in use, I can’t tell that its wireless,,,, but then, I only use it for ‘computing’, not gaming. I suspect that might make a difference to others.

Sooooo, I need to dump this slim-line carp, and get something else.

What exactly is the DPI for with these things ? So what difference is there between 8000, 1600, 2600 DPI ? I have just read that Lasers don’t have a red light – but opticals do. I have seen dozens of rodents on auction sites – other buying options are available – that list them as Lasers, when in fact they are Opticals.

I’ll wait for some answers to the above before I buy the next one – so should know a bit more about what to look for: DPI, laser etc.

Not life threatening – and after all these years, I really ought to know the answers.

Cheers all

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Chronos the 2nd

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I meant to ask earlier what is Blue Track.? Can you post a link?

You could of course build a small PC very cheaply for your bedroom. I have just put one together for the other half as she has health issues that confine her to bed.Gives her access to the web plus she can play her hidden object games.

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Blue Track is a new idea by Microsoft. Google will show you lots more than I can say. Not the best example; this Argos item is advertised both as Blue Track and Laser ! 'http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9255289.htm'.

Its like 99% of Ebay sellers, who advertise theirs as Laser, when in fact they are Optical.

I never thought of using a computer as Media Player – my tiny bedroom really doesn’t have enough space,,,, even the TV is on a ceiling bracket.

I do have an old Desktop machine, that I’ve been trying to look at the hdd before I wipe it, but it doesn’t seem to want to work. It’s a shame as it was the last one I used before this one, so will have some possibly important bits on it.

I’m thinking of getting a used – identical – hdd, to see if swapping diskettes will help. It’s a IBM DTTA-351010 (now I think about it, I had a post on here some months ago about it).
As well as being too bulky, it isn’t wireless and has limited ram, mb, cpu etc.

Anyway mate, thank you for your help so far. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Apologies for the sometimes delay in replying, I don't always get Notifications - very hit & miss.

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