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Windows preventing paid AVG updates download


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I have a paid version of AVG Internet Security 2012 which commenced in August 2012. I've had paid versions in the previous two years and until the last two months have had no problems.

In the past few days when I switch on my PC (Windows XP with Mozilla Firefox browser, wired connection with BT) the automatic AVG update will not proceed, nor will a manual attempt.

Within a few minutes of switching on the following Windows warning box appears on the screen:

'The software you are installing for this hardware - Non-Plug and Plug Drivers - has not passed the Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. Continuation of installation of this software may impair or destabilise the correct operation of of your system either immediately or in the future.'

Two options are then given: Continue anyway or Stop installation.

The updates waiting to be downloaded are all version 2238 of the the following: Alert Manager; Anti Rootkit Driver; Anti Spam Component; Scanning Engine; Set Up Component; Kernel components; E-mail Scanner; Firewall Component; User Interface Component; Identity Protection; Language Files (English); Online Shield (Settings); Resident Shield Scanner; Link Scanner HTTP Redirector; Systems Tools Component; TDI Component; Pc Analyzer; Update Component.

If I click on 'Continue anyway' the system attempts to download the updates again but aborts very quickly and the same warning notice appears. If I do nothing the warning notice remains but my AVG page says, 'You are not protected'. I therefore click on 'Stop installation' and within a minute or so my AVG page tells me I am now fully protected. Annoyingly, this procedure repeats itself every hour.

About two months ago I had identical problems. I therefore used the AVG uninstall tool and then re-installed my paid AVG. This brought up a new AVG page design but the system then behaved properly until the past few days in that it downloaded the updates (which of course are normally fairly minimal) on a daily basis.

Can anyone suggest why the system suddenly misbehaved two months ago after over two years of normal operation, behaved properly again for a few weeks after re-installation but is now causing the same problem as before? In other words why does a whole list of items appear for downloading which Windows won't allow when previously (for well over two years) the updates were routine and quickly downloaded without any problems?

I've not installed any other software or hardware in recent months and I'm a light user of my PC merely content to surf the net. I have no other anti virus or firewall protection installed.

I'd be grateful for any suggestion as how this can be overcome. As will be gathered from my non-technical wording I'm not very computer literate. Many thanks.

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I'd recommend putting this to AVG in the form of an email. Even copy and paste what you posted here.

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I've already been in touch with AVG (I should have said) and they merely told me to contact Microsoft. As Windows had told me to contact the vendor (AVG) in its warning notice to stop the installation I'm just being shunted from one to the other.

That's why I wondered if anyone else had suffered a similar problem and knew of an answer.

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