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Outlook Express-Problems-mess stuck in Outbox-sending multi; nil in Sent box


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Hi Guys

I need some help urgently, if poss, please

Running Win XP, Nortons AV, Outlook Express 6

I'm currently in front of my friend's PC as she is having problems with OE. This has only started recently.

On trying to send a message, the dialogue box comes up with yellow warning against Send 1 message, and a green tick against Check for new messages etc. The message is still in the Outbox, and continually sending out. There is nothing in the Sent box to suggest anything has been sent. The recipient (myself,or others) then just keep getting repeated downloads of that same message, until it is deleted from the Outbox.

I've checked the settings and can't see anything amiss. I don't feel this is ISP issue as there is no problem sending and receiving on web mail for the same address.

Can anyone suggest what else I should be checking please? Meantime, I will continue to research. I also think I'll download Thunderbird too (that's what I use and like it!) It will be interesting to see if Tb encounters the same problem!!!

Thanks for any help you can offer. As always, I really appreciate it

Cheers J PS I have screen dumps that I could upload, if of any value.

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Not being able to send is usually an outgoing server problem. Have you checked the SMTP settings for your user? You can usually get the correct settings from the ISP. For example this is how Virgin Media does it

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Hi dr yes and chub_tor

Thanks for responding so promptly. That's brilliant help.

I've checked the first link but don't think that's the one but the second link is suggesting the Sent box could be full, being a 2Gb limit so, as my friend, M, has over 2000 sitting in Sent, I think this is a good place to start, eh? So, I'm in the process of moving into a newly created folder. I'm going to do the same with her Inbox as, apart from the 470 odd UNREAD emails there, there will be more than a few sitting there too!!!

So, good chance this is the cause of the issue. Will post back later, hopefully when I've sorted this. The PC is incredibly slow (old) and needs replacing!!! So, anything on her PC takes time. Multi-tasking is a disaster!!! ;)

Thanks, will let you know the result of this as soon as I can.

Cheers, thanks J

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Terrific! It seems to be sorted now. As per the post from dr yes, 4.26pm, the link was exactly what I needed.

So, dr yes, you were spot on in finding a good link. Thank you so much.

I will continue to move emails out of Inbox and Sent, into the 'Storing' one, and M will have to learn to do some PC Housekeeping, won't she! She's home now and feeling suitably guilty! 2500 messages in her Inbox as well as 2500 + in her Sent box!!!

Well, I have to say, we have both learnt something today, so that's all to the good. :)

Thank you both very much.

May I wish you Happy Christmas, all the best for the New Year too ;)


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