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Replacing hard drive in laptop, advice pls


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Hi guys

Yes, another 'project'!! I love it but only with your help. I learn such a lot by 'tinkering' ;)

Laptop, HP Compaq Presario C700, Intel Pentium Dual T2310 @ 1.46GHz, RAM 2G running Vista SP2, with only 80Gb Hard drive, 10Gb of which is partitioned for Recovery files. Of the remaining 70Gb, even with moving as much as possible to the External Drive (1Tb), it is often 'in the red'. After a clear out today, there is now 7Gb free!!!!

So, I assume (? correctly) that a larger hard drive would improve the situation???

I have found the part number and details of the hard drive and searched around on the internet, it would seem I could buy a new HDD with 1yr warranty without too much problem.

My questions are -

Are there any pitfalls/major risks that I should be aware of?

Is this OK to do myself, with tutorials/YouTube?

Would buying 'new' on ebay be a huge risk, if rating is good and a registered business/outlet?

Any particular recommendations of online business of particularly high reputation with reasonable prices?

Sorry to list so many questions but I don't want to get myself in hot water, do I??? ;)

Thanks for any help or advice


PS Last 'project' to increase RAM on friend's PC has been very sucessful :) Thanks to all who helped me there.

Note to Chronus - you'll be pleased to learn my 'old' PC is now behaving well - since I installed the drivers!!! Ha! So stupid of me ;) Oh well, there you go - live and learn, eh? Hope you OK. J

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Yay!!! All done and working brilliantly ... !!!

I used Free EaseUS® Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition, as suggested by lotvic, as I had used EaseUS for the cloning. It seemed sensible to stick to the same 'make'. Also, I found the instructions very clear and helpful.

What a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. My friend is delighted. I've learnt so much, yet again.

Of course, I couldn't have done this without all your help. You have all been very patient with me but have got there in the end.

So, a pat on the back for you all.

I need to 'tick' to identify my original posted question has been SOLVED but which post do I tick? It has been due to all of you, not just one post in particular. However, I have 'ticked' to indicate SOLVED on lotvic's last post, because that was the advice I followed to sort the final issue.

Again, thank you ALL for all your help and support. I've really enjoyed this 'project' but, like I have said above, there is no way I could have contemplated it, let alone done it, without your combined help.

Three cheers for this forum!!! :)

So, until the next project ... ;)


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Glad it's all sorted how you wanted it.

The green tick. When you want to thank all, you can tick your own final post with your closing comments in :)

You can change the tick to another post by clicking on your green tick - which will then go back to grey, which leaves you free to choose a different post to have the green tick.

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Thanks, lotvic

I didn't know that about how to indicate it was more than just one person/post helping. I will hopefully remember that for another time. However, I'm going to leave the tick as it is, because of the reason I gave.

So, hopefully, I'll sleep well tonight - and hope you all do too. I do hope I haven't given any of you nightmares!!! ;)

So, until next one ...

Cheers J

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