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Beeps when upgrading RAM and not booting up - Help pls


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Good morning folks

Yes, I need some help/advice again, please.

Re: Dell PC, with Dell Dimension DE051 M/B

Having been to Crucial.com and getting details re what RAM can be used to improve memory (256Mb x 2 cards), 1Gb x 2 cards were ordered from eBuyer. Last evening, I went to my friend's house to put these in but PC wouldn't fire up, only some Beeps - single beep approx 4 times (I didn't think to actually count/make note at the time!!!)

I removed and replaced again, tried each one on it's own and in each slot but same beeps and not firing up. So, I put her original 2 x 256 cards back in and PC fired as normal.

I've checked all the details I have to be sure this is the right RAM, that the M/B will support this - will support max 2 x 1Gb DDR 400 - which is what the new cards appear to be.

I've been in touch with eBuyer and they will accept a return (once my friend gives me details to log in, or she do it!) so, at least, can be refunded.

However, that renders us back at square one with an incredibly slow machine and she can't manage getting a newer machine just now.

So, question is - Have I missed something that I should be doing to get the machine to cope with this extra memory?

I'm feeling somewhat out of my depth here so hoping some advice will help this issue. Alternative will be to get a techie in but my friend is on tight budget and the PC is used for charity work, for which she is a very much over-worked volunteer! So, I'm looking for the most cost-effective solution, of course.

Thanks, guys, for all/any advice you can offer. As usual, it is very much appreciated.


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Terry Brown

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The trouble is 'Extra value Ram', could mean that it is below the accepted standard (rejected) and sold off cheap and may not be suitable for all machines.

I do not know how much you paid for your memory but this site charges £15.90 per stick.



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Hi Secret-Squirrel Thanks for such an excellent tip! Yes, I'll try to get some information from that when my friend has been using the PC for a while, and I can explain to her what to do. It certainly sounds a worthwhile and logical thing to assess. I had never thought of that so thanks very much.

In fact, she had been mentioning recently that her PC frequently put up a notice saying she was low on ?virtual RAM, or something (can't remember what she said) so she clearly did need extra. Be interesting to see if her demands are pushing the 1Gb. No, I haven't left a 256mb card in as thought they needed to be in pairs.

Terry Thanks for your comment. Yes, I understand what you say and maybe that was part of the problem, along with other issues. However, after returning the RAM, I got a reply from them to say the RAM sticks were tested and found to be faulty.

Chronus You offered more than a modicum of help and in no way should you feel the need to beat yourself up. I'm just very pleased you were there to 'hold my hand' and to guide me along the way, in addition to the very good advice you gave! Please give yourself a (virtual) pat on the back, eh? ;)

As for my spare PC, yes! Think it might help if I had thought to install the drivers after fresh install of XP, eh? Ooops! So, how stupid can one get!!! No, it's not a competition ;). Will start new post re spare PC in due course.

Thanks guys, everyone here is a happy bunny now!!! Yippee!


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