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Tablet question - before I purchase


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Hi Readers,

I'm very interested in getting a Tablet. Galaxy Tab 8.9 specifically. Although I've searched, I've yet to find definitive answers to the following::

a) Can one watch BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on tablets? b) All of these tablets, iPads included, have very little storage - I have a Seagate portable HDD - could I use this to transfer files from the Tablet?? I dare not purchase online, only to find none of the above are possible as the sellers would not refund.

Thanks in advance,

AngeTheHippy x

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Forum Editor

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"I doubt that you can attach a portable HDD to the USB adapter because of power limitations."

That's true of all tablets - any peripheral devices need to be self-powered.

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Hi F.E., yes - I'm beginning to understand the ins & outs of Tablets. SD cards are a way of obtaining portable storage, so I'll need to read the pecs of various models. Almost certain now it's gonna be a Samsung - 8.9 OR 10.1 - however, the 10.1 doesn't appear to have a USB - not good.

Sell me an iPad, F.E. Is it possible to view BBC iPlayer/ITV player on them? do they have SD card lots? I know very very little re. iPad (apart from being expensive!!) I'll need wifi but not necessarily 3G.

Ange x

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AngeTheHippy yes I am very happy with my Glaxy 10.1 and for me the size was one of the things that attracted me to it. I am of that age when eyesight and trembling fingers demand that icons should be of a reasonable size and spaced well apart so 10 inches was my choice for screen size. It's not so portable as a smaller model of course - you can't slip it into a jacket pocket for example - which is perhaps why the latest iPad is coming out with a smaller version. Reviews of the Samsung screen will show you that it is one of the best around (although some will say that the newest iPad is even better). Personally I use my tablet mainly for email, web browsing etc and not for videos so super high definition displays don't realy affect me.

My tablet can have both SD card and USB attachments and I also have a bluetooth keyboard that I use if I am typing long scripts. I did consider the iPad (well over 9 months ago now) but decided that the extra cost was not worth it. I don't have an iPhone an iMac or use iTunes so perhaps I am somewhat of a Luddite, but then my needs are small and Android has quite enough apps to keep me satisfied. I can use Firefox and Chrome and sync to my desktop, I can use Skype on the tablet and Google Earth and as for games I am happy with Solitaire, Mah-jong and Angry Birds. The fact that I can access my desktop via All Share is important to me and I would imagine that the iPad can do the same sort of thing (presumably it will interface with Windows 7, someone else can answer that one).

Good luck with your choice, I am sure that when you make your decision you will be delighted at the flexibility that a tablet provides.

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BBC iPlayer and ITV Player are both available on the iPad and play well. So is another app TVCatchup which has all of the main channels in one app. I haven't missed 3G. I've got an ebook with a smaller screen but for e-mails and internet use (or TV) then I wouldn't want a smaller screen than that on the iPad.

The drawback with the iPad is that you have to buy accessories to connect to TV, attach a digital camera, etc. A good feature of the iPad is the ability to mirror its display on a TV. This is a really good way to view photos.

Connection with a PC is through iTunes although iCloud and wireless connection can be used. Dropbox is a very useful way of transferring documents, photos, etc (and that would be the same for Android).

iPad's browsers normally don't run Flash (you can obtain apps that do) so some videos are not available. I haven't found it to be a major drawback.

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