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Acer one restore to factory settings from disk saying "not enough space for temporary files".


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Now that I've finished with my netbook for college, and I'm back using it for personal use, I want to reinstall xp back on it. 

Don't ask me why, I'm not really sure myself, so I'm not too bothered, just a little curious.

A while ago, after I had to reinstall xp from factory settings because I messed it up, I followed what one you advised me, to burn the recovery image to DVD.

So I've done that, and I'd like to just restore to xp.

I don't have the recovery partition as felt no need to have it, and still feel no need really, but I got the recovery disks I created.

The other day I booted into the Acer eRecovery on the disk to restore to factory settings, but it comes up saying something like this...

"there's not enough space on the drive to store temporary files"

So I can't get anywhere.

I originally had the HDD split up into lots of partitions,

One for cloud storage, 

One for downloads, 

One for the desktop, 

And one for apps etc, and thought that was the reason so I completely wiped the whole drive using windows 8 release preview disk and formatted the whole drive to one partition and it still says the same.

So what other methods would you suggest I try with the partitioning?

It's an Acer one 715h.

Like I said I'm not too bothered, but it would be nice to work it out.


Jase Wolf

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Fruit Bat /\0/\

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It may be talking about space on the DVD.

Create an 8GB partition (x) and copy the DVD files to that and then try to run from the partition.

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wouldn't that though make it not bootable?

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All needed to do was use this tool... "Acer Hard Drive Format Utility" and then problem sorted.

Ughh, why i didn't come to that before made this thead lol.

Oh well, at least it will help others roaming this forum if needed lol

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I'm so impressed with myself.

What I actually have done is use parallels migration assistant to transfer xp form my netbook into a vm in parallels and at first I was having activation problems, but using Windows Product Key Update Tool I typed in the product key that came with my netbook and it updated it, restarted xp vm and all is now legally activated ;D ;D

Or at least I am sure it would be legal because used parallels desktop migration assistant, and a tool microsoft made.

And it is FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! shocked me like anything.

I used xp ages ago in parallels desktop, but can't remember where the disk is that got, so this why i done this way.

Here is a vid showing its fast boot. (not edited or anything).

The only things that disabled was themes service, and remote desktop services, plus security centre as its more a hindrance then any good in my opinion.

Its completely fresh, so nothing except parallels drivers are installed, but wow so impressive. faster than windows 8 in parallels lol.

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Yup updates is working finely so Microsoft thinks its legal so it must be lol.

Can't see why it wouldn't be as done exactly what parallels does, and ok I still got xp on my netbook at the moment, Microsoft don't know that as its not on lol, and next time it'll be on is when windows 8 goes back on lol

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