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Help With First Laptop Please


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Hi, and thanks in advance for any help offered as I'm pretty clueless with regards to laptops!

Immediately in the new year I'm looking to buy my first laptop, and all the research I've done so far as left me feeling pretty confused and nervous about whats best to buy.

It's use is going to be centred around basic web browsing (no streaming), email, letter writing, and ripping CD's, so I'm not looking for multi media or gaming functionality. Battery life and portability isn't a consideration as it's very much going to be home based, but I do need 3 USB ports (and how do I connect an external HDD?)

Build quality and reliability are more important to me than cosmetics, so any suggestions please? Budget is ideally £330-£350, but I may be able to stretch this to an absolute maximum of £400.

Thanks again, Malc.

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Forum Editor

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"I may be able to stretch this to an absolute maximum of £400."

That's a popular price point,and there is a wide choice, but the ideal situation is to find a machine that was previously sold at a higher price. With that in mind, take a look at this

Lenovo machines are generally well-built - I have one myself - and this one ticks the boxes. It has 4 USB port, and will easily cope with the use you plan to put it to.

You'll connect your external drive via one of the USB ports.

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You will find a great number of laptop reviews here, with a number in your budget range http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/laptops

Regarding your requirement of extra usb ports, you may need to buy a usb hub. Connecting a external HDD should be a simple task of plugging-in, but its best to check with the manuals provided.

Personally, if you are not sure on what to purchase, then a visit to some where like PC World might not go amiss. There you would find a range of 'popular' laptops, which you should be able to get further information, and the 'feel' of the item on demonstration.

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I echo the above - I also have a Lenovo laptop which is very reliable.

One question I would ask - you do say that the laptop is going to be very much home based. Do you actually need a laptop? A desktop PC lends itself much more to home based computing and has the added benefit of being much easier to repair should anything go wrong and for upgrading should the need arise. Of course if you want the portability so that you can use it around the house then a laptop is ideal.

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john bunyan

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