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Upgrading my CPU, or RAM ! Help!


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Hello, Im just a n00b, and Im not 100% sure if I know what I need to do regarding my old-ish desktop. Its getting slower (with daily tasks like opening new windows and playing tracks on media player), and I know for sure my CPU is out-dated. Im currently running 2GB of DDR2 RAM, but would like to jump to 4GB.

Ive got my eye on these on Amazon:

  • Intel E6700 Pentium Dual-Core Processor - 3.20GHz, 2MB Cache, Socket 775.
  • Kingston HyperX Genesis 4G 1066Mhz Non ECC Kit4 Module.

Dont wana blow a fortune, as I only use my desktop for daily things, nothing major. Below I will provide the current specs of my desktop. What I wana know is, could I simply plug-n-play the above items with my current set-up, or do I need to replace motherboards etc?!!

Operating System: 6.0-6002-Service Pack 2 Number of processors in system: 1 Current processor: #1 Active cores per processor: 2 Disabled cores per processor: 0 Processor Name: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E1200 @ 1.60GHz Type: 0 Family: 6 Model: F Stepping: D Revision: A3 Maximum CPUID Level: A L1 Instruction Cache: 2 x 32 KB L1 Data Cache: 2 x 32 KB L2 Cache: 512 KB Packaging: LGA775 Enhanced Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology: Yes MMX(TM): Yes Intel(R) SSE: Yes Intel(R) SSE2: Yes Intel(R) SSE3: Yes Intel(R) SSE4: No Intel(R) AES-NI: No Intel(R) AVX: No Enhanced Halt State: Yes Execute Disable Bit: Yes Intel(R) Hyper-Threading Technology: No Intel(R) 64 Architecture: Yes Intel(R) Virtualization Technology: No Expected Processor Frequency: 1.60 GHz Reported Processor Frequency: 1.60 GHz Expected System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz Reported System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz

Packard Bell BV Model: MCP73VT-PM North Bridge: NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Revision A2 South Bridge: NVIDIA nForce 610i Revision A2 Max CPU Speed 1600 MHz Maximum Memory Capacity 16384 MHz

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Terry Brown

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For a start I would upgrade to SP3 (better security).

Do you have more than one Virus checker running?, and that can cause slowing down.

Download program starter.exe.

Foe more information refer to link


This program will tell you what is running on your system (like msconfig but better)and ngive you the option to stop any process.


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Im happu enough to swap internal parts yes. What Id like to find out, is where can I determine what kind of CPU upgrade can my motherboard take??

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Purchased what you advised:

2 x 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300/667MHz CL5 1.8V Non-ECC Unbuffered 240 pin

Arrived today and plugged em in. Now Ive been having a few issues all morning. Asides from the PC shutting down from time to time, after a blue screen, the PC is only reading 3GB of RAM. Ive been reading around today and I seem to understand that 32 bit Vista Home Premium will sometimes only show a max of 3GB?!

Plus, the factory stick of RAM Ive taken out to replace with this new RAM, is PC2-6400? Im puzzled as to why you advised me to get 'slower' RAM? lol, Im sorry Im far from an expert so forgive my terminology. Will putting 4GB of PC2-5300 into my machine have any compatibility issues?

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