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MacBook Pro not picking up wireless signal


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I have a DLink DIR-615 router which I use for 3 computers wired in. I have recently bought a MacBook Pro with Lion OS and it picked up my internet wirelesly with no problem. I was away and didn't use it for a bit and it can't find the signal. Neither can my HTC Desire phone which again previously linked up effortlessly with the router. I wonder if the router has a hardware problem or needs some sort of settings adjustment.

I am not great with routers so any help appreciated.

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It sounds as though either the router's WiFi has become switched "off", or it isn't broadcasting its SSID so that network adapters can find it.

Can you go into the router's wireless settings and check that both of these features are enabled? Type the router's IP address ( into your web browser and then, when prompted, the Username & Password. The Username is selected as either User or Admin from a drop down menu, select Admin. The default Password is either left blank or "Admin".

"Neither can my HTC Desire phone..."

There is a useful little Android App called WiFi Analyzer which lets you see the networks that are broadcasting and their signal strengths.

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This is what the settings look like on the router. I have replaced ticks with the word "yes". I am not sure if they are right

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (Also called WCN 2.0 in Windows Vista) Enable : yes Current PIN : 84951816

Wi-Fi Protected Status : Enabled / Configured

Wireless Network Settings Enable Wireless : yes Wireless Network Name : fazzanet (Also called the SSID)
Enable Auto Channel Selection :
Wireless Channel : 6

Super G Mode : Disabled Super G without Turbo Super G with Dynamic Turbo
Enable Extended Range Mode :

Transmission Rate : Best (automatic) (Mbit/s)
WMM Enable : Yes(Wireless QoS)
Enable Hidden Wireless : No (Also called the SSID Broadcast)

Wireless Security Mode Security Mode : Enable WPA/WPA2 Disable Wireless Security (not recommended) Enable WEP Wireless Security (basic) Enable WPA/WPA2 Wireless Security (enhanced)

WEP WEP is the wireless encryption standard. To use it you must enter the same key(s) into the router and the wireless stations. For 64-bit keys you must enter 10 hex digits into each key box. For 128-bit keys you must enter 26 hex digits into each key box. A hex digit is either a number from 0 to 9 or a letter from A to F. For the most secure use of WEP set the authentication type to "Shared Key" when WEP is enabled.

You may also enter any text string into a WEP key box, in which case it will be converted into a hexadecimal key using the ASCII values of the characters. A maximum of 5 text characters can be entered for 64-bit keys, and a maximum of 13 characters for 128-bit keys.

Authentication : Open Shared Key
WEP Encryption : 64Bit 128Bit
Default WEP Key : WEP Key 1 WEP Key 2 WEP Key 3 WEP Key 4

WEP Key : (5 ASCII or 10 HEX)

WEP Key : (13 ASCII or 26 HEX)

WPA Only WPA Only requires stations to use high grade encryption and authentication.

WPA2 Only WPA2 Only requires stations to use high grade encryption and authentication.

WPA/WPA2 WPA/WPA2 requires stations to use high grade encryption and authentication.


Network Key : mypassword (8~63 ASCII or 64 HEX)

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Advance wireless settings are

Advanced Wireless Settings Transmit Power : 100% 5 Beacon interval : 100 (msec, range:20~1000, default:100) RTS Threshold : 2346 (range: 256~2346, default:2346) Fragmentation : 2346 (range: 1500~2346, default:2346, even number only) DTIM interval : 1 (range: 1~255, default:1) Preamble Type : Short Preamble CTS Mode : Auto
Wireless Mode : 802.11 Mixed(n/g/b)
Band Width : 20/40 MHz(Auto)
Short Guard Interval : ticked

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