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HP Pavilion - changing hdd's ?


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Pavilion DV9500 + Win-7 ult 32bit + 4gb ram.

Hi Folks,

I took over my neighbours machine some months ago. I have upgraded the ram & replaced Vista with Win 7.

I am now looking to upgrade the hdd’s from WD160gb (one at a time).

As usual, I was going for the biggest, fastest thing that I can afford,,,, but it seems that I may have this wrong.

1/ Spin speed: I use my desktop for 95% of the time, and the laptop is secondary. Most of my lap-top use will be connected to the mains,,, but just once in a while, I do use it on battery.

Is it really better to go for a 5400rpm item than 7200rpm one ? Is the difference that great ?

2/ Cache: I see different sizes thrown about, & again, was going for the biggest. Is that wise ? I’m not sure what cache is in this context. Most of them seem to be 8, then 16 & some at 32.

What would the optimum be for my machine ?

3/ Physical size: My WD items are 9.5mm thick. Will 7mm items fit o.k ? Are they a better product for mobile use ?

As some of you know, I’m disabled & need to spend my money wisely. I just want the best thing that I can afford, cos I can’t afford to do it again if it ain’t right.

Any other help or advice appreciated.


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Fruit Bat /\0/\

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Main question should be is it a SATA or IDE connection?

Faster spin speed is better for access rate but doubt if you will ever notice the difference.

Same applies to cache

What you will notice is how fast it fills up:0)

Therefore get the largest capacity you can afford regardless of cache or speed.

As for size I think you would be safer buy a drive with the same physical dimensions to be sure it will fit in the adaptor.

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Thanks FB,

Sorry - They are SATA items.

I didn't save the article that I read on the subject, but I guess the author was thinking more about battery usage than anything.

Whilst battery usage isn't at the very top of my list, it is still something that I need to consider.

As the machine is secondary to my routine, I'm only thinking of going to something like 320gb,,,, unless - of course - some great deal jumps out of the woodwork, that would be rude to ignore.

I am also considering a cheap case/enclosure, to put the outgoing drive into, to use as an external drive. What's my best bet there ?

cheers for now.

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Fruit Bat /\0/\

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They price from £5 up

Here's a mid price one reduced

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