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Incoming emails not displaying - Outlook Express

Hilary Barker

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I use 2 identities for receiving emails (Outlook Express) - one is working fine, the other, the main identity is not. A few days ago, about 10 of the most recently received emails vanished, and took me back to June 21st. The computer is receiving emails, as it will tell me how many have arrived, for example, 3 new messages. When I click to open and read these, nothing appears,and the number 3 or whatever disappears. Of the many emails received today, then lost without being viewed, two have ended up in my deleted folder! I have checked all the other folders to see if other emails have been misplaced, but they haven't. We have been having interruptions to our Broadband(BT cable problems) which are now fixed, and I am wondering if this could have "upset" our Outlook Express and damaged files. Any help would be much appreciated, as I am losing business - and perhaps friends. Is there a software programme you could recommend which would fix this? Thank you very much - Hilary

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Are both identities against one ISP account or are you mixing 'normal' mail with an ISP address with an online account?

Also have you set any mail rules (Tools/Message Rules) which are affecting incoming mail?

Have you checked 'View/Current View/Show All Messages' is selected?

I think it unlikely that BT cable problems would damage any software on your PC; it may interrupt transmission and corrupt messages though. The fact that one identity is functioning correctly and the other is not tends to indicate a setup problem of some sort.

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If adjusting settings, as suggested by johndrew, has not helped then it may be a good idea to get local professional help as you appear to be losing business as a consequence of your problem. There are steps you can take if OE has been corrupted. A reinstall is not easy because it comes with IE as part of Windows. As a stop-gap, set OE to leave a copy of e-mails on the server and access them via mail2web, for example, to read them and delete on the server when no longer required. If the OE problem persists, then I would suggest switching to another e-mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

Information on OE reinstall link text

Mail2web link text

Thunderbird link text

Transfer OE settings and e-mails link text

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Terry Brown

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As a first step, I would suggest you copy the eamils to a folder on your harddrive by the following method.

Create a folder on your desktop, open Outlook Express and set it to part screen. Highlight the emails you want to keep and drag to the new folder. You now have a permanent copy of those Emails.


Open (from Desktop)the Control panel , Add/Remove and when loaded look at the Left side for windows Components. Scroll down to Outlook Express and highlight it, then select NEXT.

This will reload the default settings for Outlook, and it shouldn't affect any emails or settings you have already set, but with all things, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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