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Why does outlook put new mail in the trash?


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I am new to Win 7 and tried Windows Live Mail but (amongst other things) did not like the way it kept putting new emails in a folder called Trash. So, having installed Office 2010,I am using Outlook.

Now Outlook is doing the same thing.

I am struggling to even find how to adjust settings with this.

Can any one give me some pointers?

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I suspect that whatever e-mail client you installed you may have had the same problems. It appears to be an AOL snag.

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This is the first time I have found anything about Outlook 2010 adding a "Trash" folder, no not a "Junk" folder, but a "Trash" folder. I am using an Exchange Server with many other users, but only one has this problem. We dod not use IMAP or AOL, just two simple POP accounts and the Exchange account.

Every so often Emails just get moved into the "Trash" folder. I have move the Emails back to the right place and deleted the "Trash" folder only to have it pop back up on it's own. There are very few Rules, so it is not that.

There is a Plugin for a "Outlook Social Connector, a SharePoint Server Colleague Import, both are not used. I have disabled both to see and will report back.

Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a fix?

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I use AOL IMAP with Thunderbird. (very easy to setup, I switched from MS Outlook 2000 when W7 was released)

Setting up a new AOL screenname this morning. On completion of TBird wizard, The [email protected] only has an Inbox for a split second before Tbird realises (I think) that each AOL acct has the following additional folders:






Of my 4 accts, 2 also have a Junk Mail folder and 1 has a deleted Items folder. I must check that anomoly tomorrow, but presumably all these folders account for the 7 operations syncing up with AOL server.

Dodgy emails (and some genuine occasionally) always appear in Tbird Spam folders. I have never seen them go to Trash.

I don't what is happening to you, just sharing what I see.

PS I gave up Outlook 2000, because I could only get it setup with a single IMAP account in W7. It was fine in XP. I got the rest of Office 2000 working OK, with tweaks.

PPS Thunderbird is worth a try just for setup practice since it is quite similar in m view. Download, install and acct setup shoul take no more than 10-15 mins. Maybe give you and idea if you have a stray rule set up in AOL or Outlook.

Gnite and good luck.

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Thanks for your Update. I cannot use "Outside" Email software with this client.

The more information I have the better I can understand this problem.

My update is that the "Trash" folder showed up again after deing deleted. I did find a old BlackBerry program installed and just now uninstalled it. See how that does.


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As I have said :all I want/need is a simple email programme. Even Outlook Express offered more than I really needed.

Another oddity I have just noticed is that Outlook is feeding my Folders back to AOL.

I sorted out my earlier problems by simply deleting the account and starting again.

I started setting up folders for such as Banking, on-line orders etc and today I accessed the AOL.com page to discover that the server is holding those folders and their contents. The contents had come to my Inbox and I had moved them on my machine. I did not need, nor want, them on the server!

I clearly have no control over this programme. Can anyone show me how to simplify all this?

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