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USB 3.0, is it worth adding?


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Good afternoon,

As I have mentioned before I bought a Mesh about 4 and a half years ago, so I don’t think it is worth asking whoever has taken over Mesh the question I would like an answer to!

The computer has as its OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64b Bit, the processor is Intel 2 core 6600@2,4GHz and a Windows Experience Index of 5.5 ( I don’t know if this is good or bad! ). As the computer is working I feel I should be able to find out what motherboard I have, but I have tried in ‘Control Panel’ and I can not find out what it is! Is shown when I boot up? As I am not usually watching at that point, I am afraid I don’t know! Although it could be ASUS

What I would like to know is if it is worth adding USB 3 to it, which I understand is 10 times faster than the USB 2 which is what I have on the computer at the moment. The reason I wish to do so is that I am finding that backing up can take up anything up to 2 hours, and I find it extremely boring. In order to get USB 3 I am certain I will need some sort of card which, and from what I have seen on Amazon this will need some sort of power connector. It would appear that the cable I would need to connect it to a portable HD comes with the card, but not the power connector so I need to know what this should be at least – approximately.

Also any information on how to connect the card to my motherboard, would be extremely useful. A point that did occur to me is that my computer is under my desk, so apart from connecting the card to the motherboard is it necessary to have the card inside the ( smallish ) tower case? As I see it – and I am probably wrong – the only requirement would be the HD. My main partition ( C ) is 33 GB and my other partition is 49 GB, so if these speed claims are correct then I would wish to back up both independently and then only C from then on so a 120/160 GB HD would/should be large enough. Does anyone know which would be best and/or cheapest of the current HDs?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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I only do incremental backups but as mentioned on this forum before, every so often I do a total backup and clear out the old one.

Usually at 3am while I am trying to sleep, but Acronis chunters on even if you are watching iPlayer.

I have an USB3.0 socket on motherboard and I plugged in a multiple USB2.0 box hoping it might have greater capacity but I haven't noticed a thing, mind you, a couple of minutes here and there is no big deal to me, most of it works faster than I can think.

As for big drives, they come down in price according to the formula, but now I have two 1TB drives and only used a fraction of them and never likely to fill them except I have started to store photos uncompressed. I think that may keep them better over ten years but I'll be dead before then.

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