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Setting Up Wireless Network with Win7 (64-bit)


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Hello... I want to set up a wireless network but, since I’ve never done this before, I’d appreciate some guidance.

I’ll shortly be buying a new PC with Windows 7 (64-bit system) and also a similar laptop. Right now, I’m on XP Home.

Currently, I have a wireless router, but since I’ve no wireless card in my present computer, I connect to the web only through my Ethernet lead.

Getting my router to change to ‘wireless setting’ is easy and I know how to do that. Not being familiar with Win7, though, I think I’m right in saying it has a wizard for taking you through wireless network setup. Yes/No?

So, here’s my query and forgive my ignorance on this:

  1. Do I set up the wireless network FIRST via Win7, then set my router to wireless?


  1. Set up my router first, then go to Win7 for setup of wireless network?

  2. Since I'll want to add the laptop to the newly created network, how do I do this?

Any help or suggestions welcome.

Many thanks

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Not sure what you mean by setting your router to wireless, mine runs both wireless and wired connections at the same time, and most do. But if you have to, set it wireless first and ensure that it has connected to the internet.

Then turn on both new computers and let them do whatever they have to. When finished, and assuming both have built in wireless adaptors, go to the bottom right hand corner where an icon will be flashing orange, click on this icon and it will reveal any networks that it can see. Click on yours and then click the connect button in the same dialogue. Enter the passphrase that should be on the bottom of your router and that should be it. Do the same with both machines and you have your network.

If the router has to be configured first you will have to contact your provider for the access IP address and password. Get back of you need help with this.

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First thing to do is backup everything, then buy a decent router (having issus mself at the moment)

Having done that, buy a decent modem / combo.

Then start with basic settings ( user name password for your ISP) then use the routers back config to backup a basic working configuration

Then you can muck around with settings knowing you can restore from the file (normaly config.bin) Safety first!

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If you have a wireless router already, there's no need to replace it if it is causing no problems. As Ventas says, the wireless set up is very straightforward.

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Setup router for wireless first, if you are intending to use your XP machine in the network then you will have to switch off the password facility that is default with win 7 and will only allow win 7 machines in the network

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