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BSOD Major Problem, please, please help!


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Hi all

I've been having major issues with my computer for the last 4 months and i'm yet to find a solution to this particular problem.

I've a beginner-intermediate knowledge on computers and I believe this is going to be a long winded post, but bare with me, as i'll try to break it down as small as possible.

The blue screen of death i'm receiving happens every time I log into windows on normal mode and can also occur in safe mode, but less frequently. I'm currently running in safe mode, as its the only viable option. The computer literally will not log itself into normal mode as BSOD strikes, although i'm able to get to the log-in screen.

Annoyingly, i'd just upgraded my computer before these problems occured and its quite likely that it has something to do with it as I wasnt having any problems before. Also, I currently have no graphics drivers.

However, to add to the confusion, I had downloaded a game (maybe it had a virus?) and installed certain drivers (some sort of driver with the nvidia brand. It said it was ok to use on an ATI and required for the game) after my upgrade, which has left me wondering whether:

I've received a virus from the download

The installation of my components are wrong

The drivers i'd downloaded are incompatible. I cant even uninstall while in safe mode, unless anyone knows a way?

..Or i'm really thick and missing something mind-numblingly obvious. This is quite likely.

Its possible that my components are not compatible with one other, so here are my specifications (or as much as I can list).

ATI RADEON HD 5770 (1GBGDDR5) (previously a HD2600 I believe)

4GB RAM (Previously 2gb)

Intel Core 2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80ghz

Windows Vista - Service pack 2

I'm afraid I dont know the name of my motherboard (the pc is custom built; not by me).

The blue screens have invariably left a message, but the main one that appears includes IRQLNOTLESSOREQUAL. Others include MEMORYMANAGEMENT, and I can vaguely remember one that had 'SYSTEMSERVICEEXCEPTION' included. Also BADPOOL_HEADER when i've attempted to do something on the internet (on safe mode with networking).

A seperate issue I have is difficulty getting my hands on a CD burner, while its possible, its not practical, but of course i'm willing to use it if it helps find the solution.

I assume that you will all be needing a memory dump of the Blue Screen, but i'm unable to figure out how I can firstly take a err, dump - for want of a better expression - and then upload it to the forum. I'd be grateful if you could instruct me as to how.

Some of the things i've tried include going back to my previous spec with the old ram and gfx card. Unfortunately, this didnt work, and i've also ran plenty of free virus scanners and spyware tools.

Truly, i'd really appreciate it if you could help me solve my problem, I think you may have your work out for you though! I hope I havent forgotten anything.

NOTE: In the last hour, BSOD has struck more frequently and quicker than ever, ironically, after I attempted to post on this forum when a message on the site said 'form isnt filled' or words to that effect...it definitely had form in it though. SYSTEMSERVICEEXCEPTION was the one coming up in these instances.

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I meant

link text

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Fruit Bat /\0/\

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Thank you all very, very much for your replies, they're wonderfully appreciated. I'll take my time to attempt some of the suggestions and hopefully find a solution. Either way, i'll be posting back with results.

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