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Joli OS 1.2 install steps:


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Recently i decided to upgrade the operating system on my eeepc700 netbook , i had a look round for different operating systems compatible with the eeepc700, and Joli OS 1.2 was the best to install and use:

how to install:

you need: A 1GB usb stick and linux usb creator and a wireless computer!.

1:download linux usb creator (from:www.linuxliveusb.com/)

2:open linux usb creator and click options which is located at the bottom.

3:once in options click on the option tab and click on force using same parameters as:

4: then scroll down on the drop down box and click on Joli OS 1.2 then click ok

5:plug in your usb stick and in step 1 on the linux usb creator click on your usb stick

6:step 2 on the usb creator click download and again find Joli OS 1.2 in the drop down box then click automatically (this will find and download Joli OS)

7: once it has finished downloading in step 4 of the usb creator make sure hide created files on key is unticked.

8: your ready to go click on the lightning bolt in step 5 and it will format and download joli OS to your usb stick ( this will take 2 to 5 minutes)

9: once it has finished downloading a web page will pop up just click that off, then unplug your usb stick and plug it back in again this will force windows to recognize it as a linux key.

10:unplug your usb stick and make sure you netbook is turned off then plug in your usb stick and turn on press ESC a couple of times before your operating system loads

11: then use your arrows to highlight boot from USB stick and click enter Joli should load up from there click enter a couple of times to speed it up and you can then choose to try it out first or install it first time then just follow the on screen steps from joli if your going to install first time.

note: if the ESC step does not work then you must press F2 and go into your bios then scroll along the tabs and find boot order and use the relevant arrows to change the boot order to boot from usb stick.

Also your computer must be wireless in order for joli OS to work !

hope you find this useful.

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I'm sure some people might find it useful but did you have to post it to three other forums on this site?

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FE Informed

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yeah i did mean too actually .......

thanks anyway!

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