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Sending auto reply using PHP form


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I have a form and its working ok apart from the fact my autoreply doesn't.

I can send the form results to my email fine but i also want to send an email to the customer stating that i have recieved their information etc.

here is my releveant code


$to = "[email protected]" ;

$title = $_REQUEST ["title"] ;
$other = $_REQUEST ["other"] ;
$forename = $_REQUEST ["forename"] ;
$surname = $_REQUEST ["surname"] ;

$autoreply = "[email protected]";
$autoreplymsg = "Thank you $title $other $surname\n
We have received your quotation request and shall be dealing with it shortly.\n
Thank you\n
The sales team\n
This email was sent from an un-monitored address please do not reply to this message.\n
All of our contact details can be found at click here";

$body = "Customer name: ".$title. $other. $forename. $surname."\n
\n ".$address1." \n
".$address2." \n
".$town." \n
".$county." \n
".$postcode." \n
Email: ".$from." \n
Telephone: ".$contact."\n
Email: ".$email."\n
A: ".$a." m ".$edgea."\n
B: ".$b." m ".$edgeb."\n
C: ".$c." m ".$edgec."\n
D: ".$d." m ".$edged."\n
E: ".$e." m ".$edgee."\n
F: ".$f." m ".$edgef."\n\n

Additional comments: ".$comment." \n\n

Respond via: ".$response."\n ";

mail( $to, "Flat roof quote", $body, "From: ".$email."");

mail( $email, "Thank you for your quotation request", $autoreplymsg, "From: ".$autoreply."");

header( "Location: $thankyou" );



I have removed most of the irrelevant code and changed the emails for security reasons.

Please forgive my lack of knowledge as its my script and I'm learning as i go.

how do i send to both of the mail = ()?

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Might be easier to use a specific email address for the form and set up an Auto-Responder at your domain. You should find this available in Cpanel, or similar systems.

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Thanks for your help. I managed to work out what I needed to do in the end. I wanted to use fields from the form such as customer name and what they had input in my autoreply so couldn't do that via c panel.

PHP is a lot less complicated than i had previously thought and i love all the cool things you can do with it.

thanks again

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