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Buying Outlook - lots of questions please help!

Help me please

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Hi I'm a techno-phobe, please help me!!

I have a 2 person business, I have a Compaq laptop and my business partner has a Toshiba laptop, we both work from home in seperate locations. We have a website and business email addresses.

We currently use and have been using for the last 3 years Outlook Express but DESPERATLY need the Out of Office assistant that Outlook gives you now that we work in seperate locations. My questions:

* Which is the Outlook version we need for out of office is it 2007?
* Will it be compatible with both our laptops - do I need to give you any more information about the models?
* I read somewhere "out of office will only work with microsoft exchange server" - what the hell does that mean
* My business partner also works from her home computer - she has outlook on that one but not the out of office tool, so basically she can get her emails from both her laptop and her computer. If she installs Outlook on her laptop only and goes on hol will out of office work (bearing in mind she also has an outlook working on her home PC....thats probably a dum question - but like I said I'm not very clued-up about IT)
* What shall I buy and where are the best deals?
* Would we have to get rid of outlook express to install outlook, we want to still get into our files we have stored in express. I know I can just change the smtp codes so if we opened emails wouldn't come flooding into express, but I mean in terms of how much space we have on our systems. We're both Windows XP. Do you need to know how much ram etc we have


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I am also a Heart Internet reseller and host a few of my clients' business sites and emails with them.

Since I have been with them for over the past couple of years, I have had no issues and on the few occassions I have had to ask them a technical question, I have had responsed in a very short period of time.

You certainly can host with them and can also move hosting from your existing providor to the new host and small technical changes will need to be done.

Give a shout if you are stuck and we'll help

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Help me please

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excellent thanks

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