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Ideas needed please


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At work we have a PC in the corner of the office called "The Burning PC" which has about 9GB of drivers on it.

Example, customer calls and says i have lost CD, we suggest they download it from website. for some reason they can't.

Now usually we offer to burn it to disk and then post it to the customer.

However . . as i mentioned there is about 9GB of files on this machine that are all drivers and some staff if they cant find the drivers in the folders we have created will just download it again from the website and then save them in the wrong place etc and this gets very confusing.

What i would like to do is create some kind of web based page where they can type in a model number and press enter then choose from the results and click "Burn to disk", then once this has been clicked it will automatically open Nero so then the staff just need to put a disc in and click burn.

All of the files will be stored locally on the c: drive, i wish to do it this way so then it is a lot more user friendly and also if its a webpage users will not be able to drag files into wrong folders and download extra files into the folders etc . . .

I think this may be possible by putting the "Burn to disk" linking to a .iso file for each driver so when it is clicked it opens the iso file which in turn launches Nero.

Thus making it pretty idiot proof, he he.

Any help as soon as possible would be great, thanks

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Yes, you could easily place the ISO files on your host's server, though it would probably be much better to build a simple intranet site to keep it all locally on your own network. In both cases, a MySQL database and a basic PHP-driven search box would do the job. If you use a browser that accepts new handlers, then I think that you could create one for ISOs.

The most obvious question is: do you ever need to provide more than one driver to a customer? If so, then your idea of having an ISO for every driver is not going to be practical.

It might be simpler if you could just improve the organisation of the drivers where they are now and use a decent desktop search tool. If the staff still can't find the right drivers with that, then a website database probably isn't going to help much.

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An Intranet would be preferable to a website if you must go down that route.

Far better to keep the data on a local machine however, and improve the way the drivers are managed. It's not going to be difficult to employ a search tool to find the right driver every time, and if your staff are trained in its proper use they'll not need to download duplicates, or move a single file.

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