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SKY Wireless connection


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We previously had Orange broadband and a wireless connection using Netgear.

We switched to SKY broadband and were given a new wireless router.

Since then, our wireless connection isn't very good and you can only really get an 'ok' (still shows Low or Vey Low) connection in one room but if we change rooms (using the laptop) the connection is often lost. When we were with Orange and had the wireless connection through the Netgear router we could even go outside and still have a strong signal.

Is this the router or the SKY broadband ? Can we switch back to the Netgear router while still using SKY broadband service ?

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The problem would appear to be with the router's wireless capability. You do have to use the supplied router because it has been customised for use with the Sky service.

However, you could disable its wireless feature, connect your existing Netgear router to it - LAN port to LAN port - (which may require a "crossover" network cable), disable the Netgear's DHCP server so that it doesn't try to allocate IP addresses, and then connect "wirelessly" to the Netgear which will be functioning as a basic "Network Switch" and "Wireless Access Point". If the router supplied by Sky has the IP address, you will need to change the address of one of the routers to avoid a conflict, as the Netgear's address will be

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Thank you very much I appreciate what you are saying but not being very technically minded can you or anyne) please explain this in 'simple' terms ?


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As i understand your concern is the wireless signal strength is very low.

You do have to use the supplied router because it has been customised for use with the Sky service to access the internet.

For better wireless signal,you have to configure the Netgear router.
I will give you step by step instructions,

--Connect the Netgear router Directly to the Computer by using cable.(only the router).

--check for the ip address for the computer.
To check the ip address, click on Start menu, Go to Run and type in cmd and click ok.

--You could find a black screen. On the black screen type in ipconfig and press enter.

--It will show up the ip address.
the ip address should be
subnetmask is
Default gateway is

--Then,Open up the internet explorer and on the address bar, type in and press enter.

--It will prompt you to enter the user name and password. type in the user name as admin and password is the word "password" in lower case.

--after logged in to the router screen, you can find a small blue screen on left.
--In that Click on Wireless settings under Setup category.

--type in SSID as your first name, channel:11, security:select WEP,Authentication type:Automatic, Encryption strength:64 bit.

--In Key1 text box,enter any 10 numbers you like and click on Apply.

--Wait till it come back to the same screen.
--Now click on LAN ip setup under Advanced category.

--you can find a option ip address.enter the ip address as and you can find a check box,use router as DHCP server.Uncheck the box and click on Apply.

--You will get message, page cannot be displayed.
Unplug the power cable for the router and wiat for 5 secs and plug ot back to the router.

--Now Disconnect the router from the computer and Connect the netgear router to the Sky router.

--The Netgear router will acts as a access point. that means netgear router will extend the wireless signal.

After the above steps,
--Scan for the networks from the laptop.
--It will show up the network name which is set upped on the netgear router.
--Connect to it and check the signal strength.

--Also try connect to the internet.

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