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Another Person with BT Home Hub Wireless Problems


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Hey,I need help, got told the experts hang out here so plz help me!

Got BT Home Hub, I'm typing this from ethernet connected main computer. My laptop has been working wirelessly with it since around Feb time but in the last few days its been acting unusual.

Often, I can't find it on my wireless search. I double checked my laptop wasn't the problem by looking for the hub using the Wii - couldn't find.

I ran manual setup typing in the SSID etc. - again no find.

Then every now and again it'll pop up, but then it won't connect, or the closest I've got is to the "limited or no connectivity" but that was only once.

And please, do not refer me to the SPASTICS in BT Help I've dealt with them before and I don't want to ever again. Plz :D

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Way back at the start of this post I gave a method to revert back to an earlier firmware version

I also recomended that you dissable all the BT engineers user logons to prevent automatic updates

My home hub is still at the same 6.1.1.R version that it came with in 2006 it has been connected 24/7 since then without a single firmware update so I guess maybe it works

The user accounts are set to

admin SuperUser default (my logon Google for the how to do SuperUser using telnet)

Basic BT_Advanced_GUI_user (the basic user account it came with)

no other user accounts exist

So what I am trying to say is revert to a firmware version that works then set up your user accounts so BT can`t mess with it and screw you up

Cheers HC

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My router has been behaving itself now for over 2 weeks without the need for a reset or change of wireless channel. The problem i have does not relate to intel wireless adaptors as i have 2 hubs connected together wirelessly. One is the new style and the other the old.
The only changes i have made are:
1/ Set my PC up for fixed IP and not dchp eg with default gateway as and DNS server the same.
2/Have disabled IP6 on my network card (I am using Vista, Ignore if you are on XP.)
3/Am now using channel 5 which is at the moment giving no problem.
This is the longest time the router has been stable so am reluctant to alter any settings at the moment.
Dont think the issue you have will be corrected with a new hub as i have had same problem on 2 and you will only get an update from BT as and when an update is available. Latest at the mo is 6.2.6.E so if you are at that level you will get no further updates for some time.
Hope that helps

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Please, please, please email BBC Watchdog about this too.
I too have had this problem the moment the firmware updated at Christmas time to 6.2.6.E. Having a few wireless devices the Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG seems to work for an unknown length of time and then all of a sudden no longer connect. Having working in IT and know a great deal on the subject the BT support dragged out the problem for a good part of an hour on two occassions before I had enough. I have the latest Intel software and drivers and although I can see the BT Home hub it will stop connecting. It won't even ask for my security password. The last call I got the chap in India to admit an issue with this but having been around over 3 months they seem to be unwilling to provide a fix. The only suggestion was to return the firmware back to default using the original BT tools CD. As well as having this problem my signal strength is excellent but the wireless often drops temorarily on all my wireless devices. Sometimes up and down every few seconds which is not acceptable. Please email BBC Watchdog and shame them. I hate hearing how BT Broadband are often given awards or mentioned as being a good service but it is not true for many.

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Had the same issue after moving home. Up until that point the hub had been faultless. But after the move we kept failing to find the Hub on the wireless and even when we did it would not connect or would be seriously slow or would drop regularly.

After some thought, i realised there was one factor that was new and that was the multitude of Hubs where i now lived (i was in the middle of nowhere before).

The solution was to change the wireless settings in the Hub.

As standard these come with automatic channel selection and in an area with five Hubs in close proximity thats not good, since the default selection for the Hub is to go for channels 3,4, or 5.

If you got into the Hub management pages, then to advanced and then wireless settings, the wireless settings will probably be set at auto. Change this to manual and then select either channel 1 or channel 7. Click apply and then try it.

Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing if anyone else had done this to their own Hub in your immediate area, so if this doesnt work, then you may well have to go back in and try different channels until it works.

Mine is now fixed on channel 1 and is absolutely perfect.

Hope this helps!


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The link will take you to a site where you can download Inssider, this will show all the connections around you, including the channel numbers being used.
I am using a BT HomeHub 2 on chanell 11, those around me seem to keep well away from it.

click here

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I'm downloading the software from the link you've posted...while I'm waiting here's my problem...

The problem I have is that my desktop connects (and any laptop) perfectly fine when it's connected with the ethernet cable. As soon as I try wireless we lose the connection.

My old BT Hub (white one) worked with all the laptops perfectly. I've just installed the new black one and I've had nothing but trouble. The old laptop won't even find the wireless network and BT say it's due to the wireless adapter in the laptop being too old and we can't update the drivers. So I bought a USB network adaptor and still the same problem. Sometimes it will connect and then will lose connection. It's also cost me £9 per month to get their support!

The xbox will find it and then lose connection. The same as the new laptops my kids got for Christmas. I'm tempted to go back to my old hub but it's cost me money for the new one!

I'm seriously frustrated hence looking for other users with the same problem...

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Transferred to BT Total Broadband and took delivery of a nice shiny black Homehub 2 on Wednesday (today is Friday). Thankfully (and frantically touching wood and crossing fingers) the set up on my PC was a relative doddle, apart from a slight hickup with AVG firewall, no major issues. I was online again within about 15 minutes.

Spent some time yesterday tinkering because my ipod touch would not connect to the internet even though it could see the hub and the hub could see it. It turned out (through trial, error and a good deal of 'poking about') that this was down to a problem with wireless channel 6. Changing to any of the other available 12 on the hub and I was away again on the ipod.

Then came the more serious problem. My wife's laptop, with it's Belkin PCMCIA card, showed only 'limited or no connectivity' on any channel. It was my decision to switch to BT so you can possibly imagine how much trouble I was in! 8-)) More than usual anyway!.

I tried re-installing the Belkin software, uninstalling it and going 'drivers only' to no avail. I also tried many variations on the hub itself, including limiting the protocols to 802.11b & g only (omitting 'n'), none of those worked either. Until, that is, I noticed that the security setting was WPA & WPA2. The PCMCIA card I was dealing with has worked perfectly with my previous router which was WPA only.

I 'down-graded' to just WPA and 'Bing!', 'Kapow!', 'Wowzer!' the laptop connected to the internet, my wife checked her emails and I was back to my usual level of being in trouble.

The 'WPA & WPA2' lead me to believe that it should work with either and be fully backwards compatible. My experience has shown me that this is not the case.

'WPA & WPA2' is the default setting. perhaps this should not be the case.

I hope that this might help somebody else.

Good luck!

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I got my free upgrade to Bt Total last year. At the time I only had a desktop PC, so as my Router was away from my PC Desk, I purchased a Wireless Dongle. This had problems from time to time detecting the HH. My Pc finally broke down (was very old) and I recently bought a new wireless enabled laptop. Had no problem at first connecting, but last wednesday it wouldn't locate the router, I spoke to BT who sorted the problem. The same thing happened last night. I also have a PSP, which won't detect it. I'm really peed off with BT.

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I just had the BT stuff delivered to my new apartment. Doubtless there are multiple causes for this problem but for me it the saturation of the wireless channels. It may be similar for people living in areas with many other wireless routers etc.
To do this (on my BT Home Hub 2.0) you need to connect:
1. Connect to the hub using the LAN cable (supplied with Hub).
2. Connect to the router through your browser (Internet explorer etc).
3. Enter the router IP address in the Address field (normally
4. You can then locate the Channel selection in Settings>Wireless>Security.

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i recently got the v.2 bt hub, and to begin with it would not connect wirelessly, and then after two days just completely died on me for no reason, so called bt and got a replacement, and it works perfectly wirelessly...maybe im just lucky. duno, just thought id contribut my personal problems with bt.

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