Before you get too attached to Vista...

  IClaudio 17:54 06 Apr 08

...Bill is already about the new version of Windows: say hello to XP 7


  IClaudio 17:54 06 Apr 08


click here

  anskyber 18:13 06 Apr 08

Yes, the early screen shots seem to confirm what many expected, it's Vista+. When Vista came out it was late, I imagine Windows 7 will be too in line with most things that MS bring out in OS terms.

The screen shots of 7, which I agree may not be the same when 7 is launched is pure Vista. Vista had some promised elements removed just so it could be launched and not delayed even further. 7 is seen by many to simply roll in these features and of course some enhancements.

In effect it will be in my view Vista+ whatever the fancy label it's given.

  sinbads 18:24 06 Apr 08

Not be long before we get a new OS annually ........:-)

Need a bigger website PCA

  sunny staines 23:55 06 Apr 08

just as i am about to come off the fence and get vista there is talk of windows 7 next year.

still think i will be going ahead in a couple of weeks i think. i have got to upgrade my ram but it seems it will be for the experience and fun of tinkering with a new o/s. as vista offers nothing new that i cannot get with xp.

i think windows 7 will be the equivalent upgrade similar to w.98 to w.Me with an option to de bloat.

  Lee.C 16:01 07 Apr 08

Can I be first one then :)

Aaargh Windows 7 sucks.... I'm going back to Vista - that was a great system and never caused me any problems.

  anskyber 16:05 07 Apr 08

:-)) I like your style.

  Lee.C 16:20 07 Apr 08

hehe - the trouble is it's going to happen....

Windows XP sucks - click here

Windows 2000 sucks - click here

Windows 98 sucks -
click here

Windows 95 sucks -
click here

  anskyber 16:22 07 Apr 08

Says it all really.

  theDarkness 16:40 07 Apr 08

Lol. I guess it all boils down to the fact.. PEOPLE DONT LIKE CHANGE! :-) save future moaning by saying the immortal words "WINDOWS SUCKS!" just once and for all eternity..! seriously though, everyone moaning that 2000 or 98 was so much better than xp... Lol

  ulrich 18:32 07 Apr 08

This comes as no surprise to me. I never fancied Vista, I just hope thay come up with a better name and put a bit more thought in what different PC users need and not one type.

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