From XP to Windows 7

  miketheone 06 Nov 11

I'm thinking about getting a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Will 32 bit software that I have on my old XP computer work on a 64 bit computer. Mike.

  gengiscant 06 Nov 11

I have Windows 7 64BIt and I have never had a problem with and bit of software, that is not to say it cannot happen, but I think you will find you will not have any bother.

You could always Google the software in question adding "and Windows 7" or you could check on the software makers website.

  johnathann 08 Nov 11

Yes. In windows seven there will be a separate system folder for 32-bit and 64- hit. So no need to worry about it.

  miketheone 08 Nov 11

From the replys to my post query, I now feel more at ease about the change from XP to Windows 7 Mike.

  samual123 08 Nov 11

Although the new hardware support and improved security are very valid reasons to upgrade your operating system, upgrade the operating system is the most sexy of all the benefits of the new features. In fact, from an entirely new user interface, new design, organize and share your files more easily, Windows 7's features, providing more than some new wallpaper and different colors of the taskbar.

  mobing 09 Nov 11

thanks for the post , i am still used to using the xp,easily and convenient !

  amstrad 26 Nov 11

I changed from XP to windows 7 and found that the computer does not recognise some externals ( back up drive or printer ) because it said that they did not have the right drivers. Check out your externals before upgrading, might save a lot of money. windows7 is not so hot!!!


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