XP hardware in Windows 7

  Clapton is God 14 Apr 12

I've just taken delivery of a new Dell with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit. It's still in the box, so I haven't started to 'explore' Win 7 yet.

I'm wondering about using some of my 'legacy' XP software, programs and hardware with the new operating system.

For instance, I have a Canon Pixma ip 4300 printer which I intend to use with the new PC. Do I simply run the original Canon installation CD or will it not work in Win 7?

Any other hints and tips on using XP software in Win 7 gratefully received.

  johndrew 14 Apr 12

I had similar concerns when I started out with my new W7 Pro 64bit PC.

I found that W7 went online and found new drivers for my Epson Stylus 740 Colour printer when it was plugged in and turned on; similarly for the Epson V500 Photo scanner.

As for XP software, such as MS Word/Works suite, they operated under W7 (see my thread) but others needed installing on the virtual machine - very little failed to run.

To install the Windows Virtual PC, which is quite a big download, and follow the instructions for installation. You may also find this helpful.

As for transferring files and other information, I ran this thread which produced a lot of help from others on this site.

Hope this all helps.

  Clapton is God 14 Apr 12


Thanks for your helpful suggestions

I'm following your various links and have downloaded drivers for the Canon printer. Now trying to work out if my Canon digital camera software is compatible with Win 7.

  john bunyan 14 Apr 12


Have a look here:compatability. Also suggest looking up Canon drivers on their website - I think it better to download these first before you plug in the Pixima

  john bunyan 14 Apr 12

PS Most software will install in C:/Programme Files (x86) and run in 32 bit mode. Those deigned for 64 bit will be in C:/Programme Files. I did not need to use compatibility mode. , although I did update my Acronis True Image. Another point I found was that the W7 backup takes ages so I use ATI. Finally do read up on libraries - they look a pain but are really quite easy! Good luck.


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