Wn 7 Desktop gadget for monitoring Temps

  tAtu*! 13:54 PM 22 Nov 09

Hi all

Can anyone advise on a w7 gadget that will allow me to see the temperature of my 4 cores, Graphics card etc? I have a gadget that shows me what % each core is running at and what RAM I am using. Just want one that shows temps?


  gengiscant 14:14 PM 22 Nov 09

This works on 7
click here

  tAtu*! 14:26 PM 22 Nov 09


I was looking at a desktop gadget like the one I have that monitors Ram and the cores. Any ideas??


  Pine Man 15:55 PM 22 Nov 09

..this lot click here

  AL47 21:36 PM 22 Nov 09

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

is this what youre after?

  AL47 21:39 PM 22 Nov 09

second link

  tAtu*! 21:55 PM 22 Nov 09


Yes, thats the sort ofthhing I would like.... where can I get it?


  AL47 22:29 PM 22 Nov 09

click here

thats the gadget

youll also need rivatuner

click here

the instructions for install are in the gadget itself

if it works let me know

  tAtu*! 20:43 PM 24 Nov 09

I can't seem to get it to work, Oh well, looks like I wont be able to monitor the temps just yet!!

  Proclaimer 22:12 PM 24 Nov 09

but this can show the temps on the taskbar click here

  AL47 23:06 PM 24 Nov 09

it should work, it works on my laptop fine, i expect youre missing a step


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