Windows/MSN/Bill Gates ?

  carmichy 16:22 28 Aug 07

I have paid a license fee to run my laptop with Windows Vista. Why am I not allowed to do that without the interference of "Windows" MSN or Bill Gates.

I want to download small application packages to clean my registry or things similar I am told it has stopped working ! Is this true or has Windows decided to kill the Gamekeeper. I have also had a PC sitting not connected to the Internet for over a month but everytime I closed it downwithout being online I had to wait to install upgrades sent to me from "Windows. Who write the best Spyware ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:25 28 Aug 07

Just accept the patches and you will have less angst and it is no great shakes. In the greater shape of things, this is quite tiny. If you do not like it run Linux....Amen


  carmichy 16:38 28 Aug 07

I thought I may have got adifferent answer than the obvious Gandalf but thanks for the reply

  Pine Man 19:16 28 Aug 07

Another way of looking at it is that you don't actually own Vista. It still belongs to Bill and he has licensed you to use it under certain specific conditions.

While you've got it he wants you to look after it and from time to time he will send you little packages to help it's smooth running.

Good old Bill ;-)

  Quiller. 19:43 28 Aug 07

Bill ( gawd bless him ) Gates really looks after his customers.

Can you imagine a car manufacturer recalling their cars to upgrade the engines, at their cost and convienience. just to keep the motor in tiptop condition.

Thats what Bill ( gawd bless him ) is doing for us with Vista, at no extra cost:))

  Forum Editor 20:08 28 Aug 07

to clean my registry or things similar I am told it has stopped working !"

What has stopped working?

If you really want to run Vista without downloading or installing any Microsoft patches or security updates you are perfectly free to do so - just turn off the automatic update option, and refuse all future Microsoft offers.

It wouldn't be a very clever thing to do however, because all the 'small application packages' in the world won't do a thing to protect you from new vulnerabilities as they're discovered. You'll be a sitting duck. Microsoft releases patches and updates for a very good reason; refusing to accept them is just plain daft.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:24 28 Aug 07

'Can you imagine a car manufacturer recalling their cars to upgrade the engines, at their cost and convienience. just to keep the motor in tiptop condition.' have obviously never owned a new Renault as well as many other new here /eyes raise


  Riojaa 21:50 28 Aug 07

So far I have been very pleased with the performance of my Vista system.However, the same cannot be said for a few of my friends who are tackling very slow and bloated Vista systems.

On the point regarding cars, at least Renault did design their cars with the basic components expected in a vehicle.But, the same cannot be said for Microsoft.

Selling Office as a separate component makes good business sense but surely one should expect a very slimed down version to be included in Vista.
This could come in the simplest of forms to include a Word Package or similar.
Just in the same way that Outlook Express is naturally included.Or should we be paying for this as well?

Let us not overlook that if Renault were the only heavy weight player in the car trade, just like MS is in operating systems, we might see more cars running on 3 wheels but with fancy spoilers included purely for show.

  Quiller. 22:12 28 Aug 07

" you have obviously never owned a new Renault "

That is an entirely true statement.:-) and one I shall vigorously stick to!!

My evo-7 has not been recalled, will Mitsubishi upgrade it to a 8 and remap it please, for free

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:42 28 Aug 07

Linux is available for free, so if you do not like MS leave the room and make sure the door does not hit you in your butts as you leave.

'My evo-7 has not been recalled'..I have never met a hairdresser on a forum before.


  Quiller. 22:56 28 Aug 07

What makes you think I don't like Microsoft or Vista. I think it's great and am glad that Bill and co are doing everything to make it safe for us all.

I also find it amusing to find a cross dressing inhabitant of Scotland advising on hairdressers. You obviously make quite a few acquaintances that way.

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