suzan2011 23:47 PM 19 Dec 11

I have a store and save from packard bell My datas were stored in 2007 Since then never used them But today i tried to transfert my datas but managed to see my datas and the tranfert were very slow manged to transfert 25pourcent than the transfert bugged restarted them both computer and drive but never succeeded to see my datas anymore since 72 hours it connect but nothing what do i have to do ? trying to do it with windows xp or do you have anohter solution.

  chub_tor 10:11 AM 20 Dec 11

The Packard Bell Store and Save seems to be a troublesome device. If you look at these two reviews from Amazon it would appear that they have had reliability problems. And it does seems that they do not work with Win 7 see this earlier thread on this forum.

You say that you are using this with Windows XP, are you trying to transfer the data to a machine running Win 7 or XP? I ask because your title is Win 7 and you are in the Win7 Forum.

  suzan2011 13:18 PM 20 Dec 11

I m in Wndows 7 now but in 2007 i was in XP when I stored my data.

  chub_tor 15:32 PM 20 Dec 11

If you are in Windows 7 now and trying to read from a Store and Save drive written when you were using XP then that is why you are having a problem. If you read the second thread, the one from Yiddo1971, you will see that the reply he got from Packard Bell was that Windows 7 is not supported. I don't know how files are saved on PB's Store and Save, but I would try connecting it to a machine running XP to see if you can read the files and if so try copying a few of them to a USB stick and try to transfer them to your Windows 7 machine to see if that will work. If it does then you have a method of moving all your files over.


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