windows xp to 7 upgade version ok

  malgall 23:06 PM 14 Nov 09

own a laptop with vista and a desktop with xp
looking at trying the family pack
but can i upgrade from xp to 7 using an upgrade version

  User-1229748 05:18 AM 15 Nov 09

with xp you have to do a custom(full)install

  malgall 20:35 PM 15 Nov 09

yes i understand that but do i need a full version to do that or will an upgade version be ok

  gazzaho 13:04 PM 16 Nov 09

The family pack will work no problem, I upgraded my Vista desktop and my laptop XP machines with the family pack without a problem. Just remember that everything will be lost on the XP machine, treat it as a clean install as smackheadz says, any personal stuff will have to be backed up.

  gazzaho 13:07 PM 16 Nov 09

I should have mentioned, the same Product Key is used for activation and the only difference between machines is the Product ID number.


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