Windows Vista taking up 45+ GB

  MalcolmMontgomery 21:16 07 May 15

hi... first post here. I've had to reinstall Win Vista on my PC and after SP1&SP2 updates it's used 45GB of 80GB onmy drive, is that normal? Anything that can be doen to claim back some storage space? It's only the OS, Chrome and AntiVirus software on the PC, so I'd expect to have more space left, or is that wishful thinging on an old Win Vista PC?

Cheers for any advice.

  robin_x 21:31 07 May 15

It's probably created c:\windows.old

Start Search Disk Cleanup

  rdave13 10:41 08 May 15

Before you run disk cleanup, check the folder for any documents, photos etc. you might not have backed up. It's like a second chance if you like.

  madanforever4u 12:23 20 May 15

Is vista supported by windows now

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