windows vista home premium

  Adam Ball 26 Apr 10

I have had my Compaq pc for three years now and everything has been working fine. Then one day a window popped up saying that my vista home premium has expired. Since then my pc keeps crashing every hour or so. Would the fact that my vista home premium has expired cause my pc to keep crashing and keep rebooting itself? If so how do I get around the problem?

  Pine Man 26 Apr 10

Operating systems don't expire.

What, exactly, is the message?

  ame 26 Apr 10

Your operating system cannot "expire," especially after 3 years. You probably have a virus. Download and run the free malwarebytes click here

  Adam Ball 26 Apr 10

The window that pops up says:
Windows Activation;
This pre-release version of windows vista home premium will expire in 0 hours.

To keep using windows, back up your files, and then install any released edition of windows vista home premium.

I have also downloaded the malware download but my pc re-boots itself before it completes.

What can I do?

  Pine Man 26 Apr 10

'This pre-release version of windows vista home premium will expire in 0 hours.'

I don't know where you got it from but these versions are issued free of charge prior to full release, usually as part of the beta testing process, and are time limited. It is not a true full version of Vista.

  Adam Ball 26 Apr 10

This pre-released version came with the pc when I bought it brand new from pc world. What can I do to stop my pc from re-booting all the time.

  ame 26 Apr 10

Very odd. A well-known High Street retailer selling a pc with a pre-release version of Vista that's still running after 3 years? Did it not have XP on it originally with a Vista demo supplied as an extra? Anyway, in the meantime, try starting in Safe Mode (keep tapping F8 while pc is starting up and select Safe Mode) and scan with Malwarebytes if possible.

  mooly 27 Apr 10

This is very odd... but I found this, and you are not alone.

click here

Have you installed any service packs etc that were in beta, before they were offered via Windows update.

click here


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