Windows Vista BSOD Help Please

  dennyboy1978 11 Jan 13

Hi I have had a base unit with Vista business pro on and am having problems.

When i switch it on it logs on fine, and can do anything for about 3-4 mins and then a quick blue screen, and crash. It dosent reboot but I have to leave it 5 mins before Ican restart it. and the same thing happens.....

The BSOD is not on long enough to see the problem listing.

Any ideas?

  dennyboy1978 11 Jan 13

Just to add, there is no power going out to my monitor/mouse after the crash or if i start to reboot my compter straight away.

Dont hae a vista disk available, am waiting for one to be delivered.

any Ideas?

  rdave13 11 Jan 13

If it reboots after 5 mins then it could be overheating. Have you opened the case to check the cpu cooling fins for clogged up dust and general dust covering. I use a painter's brush and hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle close to remove any disturbed dust. Usual precautions to be used.

  rdave13 11 Jan 13

As above and check your GPU's fan. Just be careful how you sweep these fans/cooling fins and general area within the PC. Once removed of dust then put the side panel back on and see what happens after you boot up.

  rdave13 11 Jan 13

That should be an artist's brush, new and unused.


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