Windows Vista

  twaine 01 Apr 09

My Windows Vista PC has suddenly stopped loading Windows on startup.It gets as far as the welcome screen and then goes straight on to internet explorer skipping the Desktop. Tried reinstalling OS without success as it refuses the activation code supplied by microsoft.Would welcome some help, please.

  Sea Urchin 01 Apr 09

Check in your Startup folder that you DON'T have a shortcut to Internet Explorer - if you do delete it.

To get to the startup folder in Vista click the Start button , click All Programs, right-click the Startup folder, and then click Open.

  twaine 01 Apr 09

Thanks for quick response Sea Urchin. Unfortunatly, I cannot get to the START button as it is only booting up to the WELCOME screen then straight on to I.E.

  Sea Urchin 01 Apr 09

What happens when you close down IE?

  BurrWalnut 02 Apr 09

Hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager and go to the Application Tab > File > New Task > type explorer.exe and click OK to restart the desktop.

Has it started?

  keith-236785 04 Apr 09

look for an instruction on the black startscreen which says "press xyz to start in safe mode", if you dont have one then keep hitting F8 during bootup, you might be able to startup in safe mode, do this a couple of times, it was known to fix some problems on win98, might work for you too...

if not then hopefully you would be able to get into windows and checkout the strat menu "startup" entries.

  Sea Urchin 07 Apr 09

Did you ever resolve your problem? If so it would be helpful to others to know how you did it.

  twaine 20 Apr 09

My apologies to Seaurchin, paperman27 and BurrWalnut for not contacting you earlier due to my absence on holiday abroad from the 4th to the 19th April.As the PC was still under guarantee it was returned to the shop before I left and picked up today. I undsrstand that Vista was reinstalled and all seems to be in order for now! I am keeping acopy of your response for future use. Thanks again

  peter99co 20 Apr 09

Can you tick the box and click resolved?


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