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  ArthurJB 31 Oct 12

I am considering upgrading to windows 8 by downloading the update from microsofts website, cost £25 a good deal. My question is, my C: drive is an SSD drive with only 11gb available from 74gb, is this enough space? I seem to remember from a post somewhere that I would require 22gb. I am considering an upgrade retaining all my files.

  sharpamat 31 Oct 12

Have a good read of the latest posting on this by FE. To me it reads that this is not as good value as it at first seems

  johndrew 31 Oct 12
  johndrew 31 Oct 12
  Forum Editor 31 Oct 12

Transferred to the Windows 8 Help forum from Windows 7 Help.

  Forum Editor 31 Oct 12

You'll need 16Gb of drive space for the 32bit version and 20Gb for the 64bit version.

  ArthurJB 31 Oct 12

As I intend to upgrade not a clean install do I need the full 20Gb? As the new system will install over the old system. I have a large D: drive as well.

  ArthurJB 02 Nov 12

The real question I was trying to get answered was as I only have 11Gb spare when I start to upgrade will I require an additional 20Gb, or as the upgrade progresses will the old system be overwritten and I end up not requiring so much. Thank you


  Chronos the 2nd 02 Nov 12

When only using a very small SSD it is wise to just keep it for your OS and programs.Everything else should go on a separate HDD. The prices of 128GB SSD's are very low so if I were you I would either move everything off your current SSD except programs and OS or move to a bigger SSD.


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