windows update will not work

  BLACKBEN 18:51 PM 04 Jul 12

I have tried scannow, chkdsk amongst many others to no avail. I click on win update and a message pops up saying service not in operation restart to activate. The win update in services is switched on where do I go from here.

  difarn 21:52 PM 04 Jul 12

You could download the Microsoft "Fix it" tool discussed in this article.

  difarn 21:53 PM 04 Jul 12

I meant to add that if this is not successful you could try a system restore to a point before the problem started.

  BLACKBEN 09:43 AM 05 Jul 12

Did restore no good, fix it tool did not repair, will try defender and see what happens. Thanks

  BLACKBEN 09:45 AM 05 Jul 12

tried fix it and restore to no avail, will try defender. Thanks

  BLACKBEN 17:20 PM 05 Jul 12

Have now got updates working more by fluke than knowledge. My other problem is wifi card keeps disapearing from device manager and if I restart it will appear for about 5 mins and then is missing again from D/M? wi fi dongle works okay. Thanks

  difarn 21:59 PM 05 Jul 12

Have you checked to see if your wifi adapter driver is up to date and also the driver for your dongle?

  BLACKBEN 08:39 AM 06 Jul 12

Hi thanks and yes drivers upto date, but new device isatap is showing yellow mark.

  difarn 09:54 AM 06 Jul 12

Did you install this -it is in relation to ipv6 -this article may help you.


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