windows update will not work

  BLACKBEN 04 Jul 12

I have tried scannow, chkdsk amongst many others to no avail. I click on win update and a message pops up saying service not in operation restart to activate. The win update in services is switched on where do I go from here.

  difarn 04 Jul 12

You could download the Microsoft "Fix it" tool discussed in this article.

  difarn 04 Jul 12

I meant to add that if this is not successful you could try a system restore to a point before the problem started.

  Lazarus The 2nd 05 Jul 12

Run & Update Windows Defender, Then Try Windows Update again.

Had to do this three times (Twice with win 7 home Premium and once with Vista Ultimate)..

All three happened after a windows Tuesday update(s) 2 or 3 weeks ago...

  BLACKBEN 05 Jul 12

Did restore no good, fix it tool did not repair, will try defender and see what happens. Thanks

  BLACKBEN 05 Jul 12

tried fix it and restore to no avail, will try defender. Thanks

  BLACKBEN 05 Jul 12

Have now got updates working more by fluke than knowledge. My other problem is wifi card keeps disapearing from device manager and if I restart it will appear for about 5 mins and then is missing again from D/M? wi fi dongle works okay. Thanks

  difarn 05 Jul 12

Have you checked to see if your wifi adapter driver is up to date and also the driver for your dongle?

  BLACKBEN 06 Jul 12

Hi thanks and yes drivers upto date, but new device isatap is showing yellow mark.

  difarn 06 Jul 12

Did you install this -it is in relation to ipv6 -this article may help you.


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