Windows update problem. Updates wont install.

  longface 17 Mar 09

I cant install windows updates anymore,when I try Error code 80040726 comes up.Can anyone help please?

  Taff™ 20 Mar 09

I assume this is a Vista machine but the error message doesn`t help. Can you check it and post back with the exact wording and tell us what is generating the message. (Windows Update?)

  longface 21 Mar 09

Hi Taff,this is what happens I try install the updates and they fail.The Control Panel shows Error(s)found:Code 80070426. "Windows Update encountered an unknown error" I cant find out what this error code is. I have to say I am a novice on computers, Thanks.

  Taff™ 22 Mar 09

That error code makes more sense! Having Googled it there are a couple of things it could be but most point to a Software Licensing Service being disabled on your computer. Try This:

Click on the Start Button and in the search box just above it type services.msc - when it appears in the list above right click it and select run as administrator. Scroll down to Software Licensing and double click it to open the Properties window. Make sure that the Start Up Type is set to automatic and the service Status is Started - If not click the start button, click apply and then OK.

Whilst we`re there check that Cryptographic Services and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) are set the same way.

Now restart Windows Updates and post back with any further messages.

  longface 23 Mar 09

Hi,thanks for your reply.Software Licensing is set to automatic and the service Status is Started as is(RPC).(RPC)Locator is set to manual and stopped.Cryptographic Services is set to automatic and stopped.When I try to start it this pops up "Windows could not start the Crypographic Services service on local computer.Error 1079:The acount specified for this service is different from the acount specified for other services running in the same process" Thanks for your help.

  Taff™ 23 Mar 09

Check DCOM Services Launcher that should also be Auto and started. (I`m looking at the dependencies tab for each of the services and DCOM must be running for Cryptographic services)

Do you have Vista SP1 installed by the way?

  longface 23 Mar 09

Hi,DCOM Services Launcher is Auto and started and Vista SP1 is installed. Thanks.

  Taff™ 23 Mar 09

Back to square one then. I`m out for this evening but in the meantime try this. Start button and in the search box just above type "run" without quotes. When it appears above right click and choose "Run as Administrator" - type "cmd" in the run box then OK. This will open a command window. Type "sfc /scannow", again without quotes and noting the space between c and /. It may take some time. Reboot and try windows updates again.

If this doesn`t work take a look in the Update History from the Windows Update Window. You can look at the error messages against failed updates from there - there might be some other clues.

  sunnystaines 23 Mar 09

if you can get the kb ref of the download google it and download from microsoft rather than auto upgrades.


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