Windows screen resolutions

  adambucky 00:03 AM 15 Apr 12

Hi I have just installed a nvidia graphics card.(GTX 560ti)

Previously to installing the card i managed to find the screen where it gives a list of individual (pre-installed) resolutions to change to*

Does using a graphics card mean you cant use this way of changing the display.

*not the screen that gives you slide rule to change resolutions that fills in the resolutions once they are actually chosen)

  mgmcc 09:52 AM 15 Apr 12

If you cannot now set the resolution from the Display applet in Control Panel, has the graphics card installed its own applet to configure the settings?

  johndrew 10:20 AM 15 Apr 12

Using NVidia GTS 450 cards, my W7 detected the monitor and automatically set the resolution to its recommended level.

However another way of setting it manually is to right click on an empty area of desktop and select 'Screen Resolution' (third from the bottom in my list) this will allow you to auto-detect or set it as you want. You should also find the green 'swirly' NVidia Control Panel icon in both the previous method and in 'Show hidden icons' in the Taskbar; when this is used the option is under the 'Display' list.


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