Windows photo viewer

  highside 17 Oct 12

I have been trying to open TIFF images in windows and find that they default and open in Paint even if I tick the box to make the default opener Picture Viewer. Does that mean that it is not possible in Photo Viewer at all. Thanks.

  Nontek 17 Oct 12

Have you tried Irfanview">">Irfanview Free and handles TIF files, though I have never used it myself.

  Nontek 17 Oct 12

Have you tried Irfanview Free and handles TIF files, though I have never used it myself.

  lotvic 18 Oct 12

I recommend Irfanview (as above) you can also do lots more with it (and it's Free)

  Zeppelyn 19 Oct 12

Have just double clicked on a .tiff image and Windows 7 Photo Viewer opened it so it must be set as default as I have never changed myself.

Suggest you reset the defaults in Control Panel.

Does Windows give any message when you try to open.

  highside 19 Oct 12

Thanks for replies. Have reviewed what actually happens having noticed something odd.

I store Nikon NEF files and TIFF files. I have set windows to always open types both in Win Photo Viewer (have a codec for RAW files),

The NEF open in Photo Viewer and their icons have the Photo Viewer blue icon next to their thumbnails. The TIFFs are actually opening in Photo Viewr because it says so as they open But the icons next to thier thumbnails are always paint ones ie paint brushes?? no matter what I set the default to.

In the end its not that important as I use Nikon SW for editing but would like to find the answer never the less.


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