Windows Old

  Mike@#36 16 Dec 09

When installing W7 the process included the creation of a folder called Windows Old where apparently the old files are stored from the previous version of Windows.

Can anyone explain why I might need this or is it just taking up space on the hard drive?

  bremner 16 Dec 09

click here gives an idea of why you may want the backed up files and also how to delete Windows.old

  Mike@#36 16 Dec 09

Thanks, I might just move it to my backup drive.

  Technocrate 14 Apr 10

the windows.old file is the old system files. IF you have a recovery disc of some sort, you can use that to recover.

It IS safe to delete it, IF you ARE POSITIVE that everything needed is backed up somewhere else, like the Recovery Disk.

I didn't care really, because backing up was a pain for me, so I just deleted it.

Delete if you are OK of knowing that the old stuff is in their. If you have something backed up, it will revert to the stuff you backed up with.

So basically, it just contains old stuff from previous installation, and you can delete it if you have something to back up to the previous version in case.

  sunnystaines 14 Apr 10

its a backup if you get a touch of the seconds.
if you are still happy with w7 after a few days then delete it, that is what i did.


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