Windows Mail Username & Password Requests

  BigHenry 17:40 26 Nov 07

I am using Vista and now for no reason everytime I want to send or receive emails I am asked for my username and password. It will send emails after I have cancelled these but I have to go through the process to receive and - yes- it takes me back to the username and password requests in a vicious circle. Thankfull I can access them on line but it is only a stopgap as it is a real pain. Can anyone help please?

  anskyber 17:43 26 Nov 07

Has this always happened or just recently?

  mobileman1953 18:01 26 Nov 07

started happening to me as well could not sort it sorry so i downloaded thunderbird and use it as my mail client no problems

  anskyber 22:41 26 Nov 07

Reply by email,
2I have had Windows Mail since the middle of October with Vista on a new PC. I have been using this without any problems until last Friday when it came up with the requirement to put in my Password and my Username to login to Even when I do this it still does not work as when I then go to send/receive it asks it again. I hope this helps you to solve my problem. I am grateful for your help and interest. Ron"

I'm a little lost on this one. I did many months ago have a similar experience and I did a system restore which cleared it. If you choose to do a SR choose a date before the event. I found that SR can take 30-40 mins so do not be concerned.

  Ronnie268 17:03 27 Nov 07

I had this problem but it cleared itself up after I installed a fix from click here

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